Picture a grassy meadow along a back country road; numerous varieties of pastel wildflowers bring soft color to the scene; a few bees are buzzing around; maybe a red-winged blackbird is perched on the fence post fluffing his feathers to attract his mate; a few passive cows stand in the shade of a nearby tree, chewing grass and flicking their tails.

Earthworms actually play a role in creating humus, which is a type of soil that holds nutrients in place for the growth of plants. Not only that, but earthworms help improve soil structure. The worms' burrows create drainage channels and they create aeration.

Do you want to improve the soil in your garden? Did you know that mushroom compost can help in improving your soil? Get to know how to create a mushroom compost for soil improvement by the given information below.

Your new rented garden plot could be the ideal place to grow vegetables such as the tomato. As one of the most nutritious vegetables on this planet, the tomato is an easy vegetable to grow and can be grown across America. This article contains some information on how to grow them and what kind of yard you need.

Sustainable Gardening

Posted in Gardening on May 11, 2017

Sustainable Gardening

Over the last 10 years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people practicing sustainable gardening. You may be asking yourself ‘what is sustainable gardening? And what are the benefits?’ Well, to put it simply, sustainable gardening is when you put your garden to work for you.

Learn how to store sweet potatoes without any hassle. With these simple tips that you can follow, your sweet potatoes will surely last for a long time.

Traditionally, composting can be a very time consuming process. You’d throw a batch of compost you've been saving up into your compost bin. Then every week or so you turn the pile and add extra water if needed. And eventually (typically 1-3 months) you’ll have finished compost that’s ready to be used throughout your garden.

There’s many occasions in your life when an online flower delivery service comes in handy. Perhaps it’s Mother’s Day and you live thousands of miles away from your mom? Or maybe you’re on an extended business trip, and want to surprise your wife? There’s even many times when it makes sense for women to be the senders of flowers, such as when your bestie just got an awesome, new job in NYC and you want to show her some love.

For parents who love nature and gardening, we want to as much as possible include our children in our hobbies. Many people particularly find in therapeutic to commune with nature and to plant your own garden, and it is a good idea to bring your baby with you on this journey.

Want results that you can eat in weeks, rather than months? Whether you have a busy schedule, or simply want to see some fast results on your first veggie patch, these fast growing veggies will help.