Stylish Outdoor Heating for Your Next Party

America’s love affair with outdoor parties and barbecues continue to grow and in sunnier states, a get-together is possible for at least six months in the year. According to Forbes, 75% of American adults own a grill or smoker, and 43% of these use these appliances at least once a month in winter months and much of the joy involves simply being outside in the yard or garden. If you live in a colder state in which spring and even some summer evenings can become a little chilly, however, fear not. Designer outdoor heating will add a touch of beauty to your event and keep guests cosy out on the lawn the whole night through.

Bioethanol Fireplaces

The beauty of this type of fire is that it provides warmth yet can be contained within a stylish moveable fireplace, which you can move from indoors to your patio or terrace. Bioethanol burners are so beautiful that most retailers sell a variety of different designs, some of which are minimalist and chic, while others imitate natural forms (in an aim to fit in with lush natural surrounds). Still others have a bowl-type design. Most standing bioethanol heaters provide up to five hours of flame from a little over one litre of fuel.

Glass Tube High Flame Patio Heaters

These gorgeous towers are popular in five-star restaurants and luxury hotels but considering they can cost around $300, there is no reason why you can’t purchase one for your garden event. These heaters don’t need manual lighting, since they ignite with just the push of a button. They work on gas, within a cylinder that is hidden from view. One great feature about this type of heater is that it can be used for toasty warmth in the winter, and for ambient lighting in the summer.

Domed Electric Patio Heaters

These are the ultimate good looking heater for modern and minimalistically designed homes. They hang beautifully over an outdoor sofa and chairs, adding graceful curves to an otherwise angular look. With the push of a button, all guests at your table will feel instantly warm and cosy. This is a nice option for those after low energy, zero carbon emission lighting that is also rust and weather resistant. Domed lamps are attached to a little wheeled box structure, so they are easy to move from one part of the garden or patio to another.

Bioethanol fireplaces, high flame heaters, and domed heater are just three top designer heating solutions for those wishing to make the most of their garden space. Safe, reasonably priced, and effective, they turn even the chilliest nights into an event that hits the spot in terms of comfort and style.

Posted in Homeowners on Jun 05, 2018