Practices That Go Into A Beautiful Lawn

A beautiful lawn, more often than not, elicits a feeling of serenity and freshness. It undeniably is a good thing for every home owner to have a beautiful well-maintained lawn. Lawn care, however, needs some effort, but it is rewarding. Here some few tip lawn care tips that get you the most outstanding garden in the block are explored.

Water The Lawn

Just like any other plant, grass thrives when well-watered. Enough water in the soil allows the grass to grow fast and healthy. It is recommended to having longer watering cycles than short and more frequent ones. Longer cycles will ensure that water penetrates deeper into the soil and as such the grass roots can grow deeper. This allows the grass to utilize the subsurface water and stay watered for longer periods. When watering, it is a good practice to allow water to seep down into the soil to a depth of about 1-2 inches once a week. The watering intervals would, however, depend on the type of grass on your lawn, the kind of soil and the weather conditions of your location.

Fertilize The Grass

Nutrients are quite essential for the lawn to attain that lush green appearance, and there is no better way to provide nutrients than to fertilize the lawn. Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous are the essential grass nutrients and are found in most fertilizers. If possible, choose to use natural and organic fertilizers over synthetic ones as they are more environmental-friendly than synthetic ones. The more the fertilizer, the faster and healthier the grass grows.

Aerate The Soil In The Lawn

Enough oxygen goes a long way in ensuring proper grass root development and as such the overall turf health. It is, therefore, essential to have the roots exposed to the air. This can be done by removing small soil plugs to improve the soil-to-air interaction. This does not only improve soil aeration but also eases water and fertilizer penetration deeper into the ground. It also makes the soil softer and hence makes it easy for the roots to grow. This lawn care step should be done at least once a year. 

Mow The Law

Lawn mowing is one of the most important lawn care practices. A well-mown lawn always gives a nice touch of attention to the grass. When mowing, approximately a third of the grass blades should be clipped off. According to zero return lawn mower reviews, most lawn mowers are height adjustable mowers so you can adjust to the appropriate mowing height. When mowing, the cutting blades should be kept sharp for better clipping again according to zero return mowers.

After mowing, the grass clippings should not be raked. They readily decompose and go back to being manure. Furthermore, they help in water retention by acting as natural mulch. And it saves the raking time!

Weed Control

Besides making the lawn ugly, weeds can be a major impediment the growth of grass; competing for nutrients, water, and space. It is, therefore, essential to have weed control measures in place. Weeding can be done by manually uprooting the weeds by use of herbicides. Here's a list of the best weed eaters and if you're also interested, the best pressure washers.


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Posted in Homeowners on Dec 19, 2016