Enjoy Your Garden More Comfortably From Your Outdoor Living Space

Working in the Garden and Lawn

On a beautiful day (looking ahead because it's December and I do not live in Florida) many of us enjoy going outside and working in landscape and flower gardens along our driveways and pathways, or maintaining our natural areas. We carefully trim our smaller plants and prune our trees. Then we spread mulch, pine bark, brick chips and other things beneath it all to make our beautiful landscapes pop and come to life, getting rid of every unsightly weed we can find in the process. We get done, stand back and admire our work for a bit, and then it's off to the next task.

If you’re like me, you’ll then notice the grass needs cutting. Therefore, I proudly hop into the seat of my beautiful zero turn mower and begin mowing, having a little fun in the process by trying to race against the clock. I try to see if I can get the yard mowed faster this time on my new machine than I did the last. I then look back, after I'm done, and I realize that maybe I had a little too much fun, spinning and turning on that thing, because I'm now seeing bare spots in my lawn, where the wheels were probably turning just a little too fast as I zoomed back in the other direction.

Next, I'm off to get the "WeedEater", as it's time to trim around my landscape boarders, and around one of my most prized outdoor possessions; my kids’ basketball court, complete with outdoor tiles by Versacourt, displaying the Michael Jordan Jumpman logo in the paint. Now, if I could only play like he did, because my daughter is pretty gifted at basketball, and she kicks my butt in every game of 1-on-1 we play.

After I’m finished with mowing and trimming the edges, the next yard tool I’m bringing out is the backpack blower to blow all of the grass off my driveway (and the court). Then, I take it up onto the covered deck, and blow off the dust that has settled on the outdoor patio furniture, and deck itself. I do this because, after all of this outside yard work, I know what I'm about to do next…

Outdoor Garden

Covered Deck, Shade, and an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Now that my work is complete, I’m hot, and little tired too. Actually, I’m exhausted, but in a good sort of way, because I see how good all of the work that has been completed, in the yard, has turned out.

I go inside and fix myself a big, ice cold glass of lemonade, walk out onto my covered deck (that I just blew clean with the leaf blower) and I sit down on a nice cushioned piece of outdoor furniture. Then, I grab the remote control for my large exterior ceiling fan that I just recently got online from Modern Fan Outlet. I turn that big boy on high speed, kick my feet up, lemonade in hand, and I sit back and relax, while onlooking to one of the natural areas I had worked so hard on earlier in the day. Life is good!

Now I’m feeling great, the breeze is really keeping me cool. Much more than the smaller 60 inch ceiling fan I replaced with the new 72 inch model. Nothing left to do today, except wait for the sun to go down, and do absolutely nothing else, until it’s time to figure out what’s for supper.

Things You Need to Enjoy this Kind of Day…

  • Work gloves (you wouldn’t want to end the day with blisters on your hands)
  • Hedge shears
  • Pruning shears
  • Maybe some new shrubs (depending on your individual situation)
  • Shovel (for planting shrubs and shoveling the mulch)
  • Bow rake (for spreading the mulch)
  • Lawn mower
  • Weed trimmer
  • Leaf blower
  • Covered deck or patio
  • Ice cold glass of lemonade (to quench your thirst)
  • Deck furniture (to chill on and enjoy the rest of the day)

And Lastly…

  • A big, powerful, outdoor ceiling fan (to beat the heat)

Or, you could just skip down the list to the covered deck or patio part, and hire a lawn care professional to do the other work, as you supervise like a boss!

Posted in Homeowners on Dec 14, 2017