5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Backpack Leaf Blowers In Your Garden

Many people who own a backpack leaf blower are unaware as to how to use it correctly. And this inefficient use of the machine can not only lead to accidents but also increased air and sound pollution. Below, we look at five tips that can help you use the blower the right way and enable you to avoid such potential problems.

Wear Protection

Make sure that you always protect your eyes when using the blower. Your eyes can be affected by the swirling dust and debris, making the blowing process cumbersome. As such, it is recommended that you use eye goggles when using a backpack leaf blower. In addition, you must also use a face mask if you don’t want the dust to enter your respiratory system and cause breathing issues. Plus, since your hands can get strained due to the vibration from the blower, you should also consider wearing gloves to operate the machine more comfortably.

Ricochet Issues

If there are people around you while using the leaf lower, be very careful about ricochet. This is especially true in case there are children or older people standing around. When you use the machine to blow away the leaves, all things on the ground will also be blown together with it, including debris like glass shards and so on. As such, if you use the machine carelessly, the glass shards can be blown onto the people around you and subsequently injure them. This is why it is necessary to minimize the blowing power when using the machine in the presence of other people.


Backpack blowers that run on gas releases pollutants into the atmosphere. When compared to an average car, a blower can release up to 500 times more hydrocarbons. As such, it is very important to ensure that you only use the blower when absolutely required. Don’t keep it running when you are not using it.

Sound Level

Typically, a blower is held at a distance of about 50 feet on average, with a noise of about 75 decibels. As per estimates, noise levels above 70 decibels is considered to be annoying to humans, while anything more than 80 decibels can cause hearing problems. Remember that excessive noise will not only affect you but also your family members in the house and your neighbors. Hence, it is very important to keep the noise levels to a minimum while using the blower.

Velocity And Airflow

When using the blower, give special attention to the air velocity and the airflow. As far as possible, keep the maximum air velocity limited to around 150 mph, and the airflow restricted to around 250 cfm. These settings should be sufficient to move the leaves around comfortably as you wish.

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Posted in Homeowners on Nov 28, 2017