Cultivate the Ideal Guest List and Throw the Perfect Garden Party

Nearly half of all U.S. residents do some type of gardening, according to Green House. If you have the luxury of a space in which to garden, what better place to host a party? You can plan the perfect party without the expense of renting a space, all while showing off the (literal) fruits of your labor to your guests, who need not be limited by species. A backyard party is also the perfect place for your human guests to bring their pets. Not only does a garden make the perfect party location for man and dog alike, but it takes care of the theme, as well. From the decor to the menu, let your garden be your guide.

The Ultimate A-List

You’re sure to win Best Host with a guest list that means no one needs a dogsitter. Whether your party is specifically for the dogs or you simply include canine companions as plus ones, it will be all the merrier when everyone can bring their best friend. You can set up a fenced play area if you are worried about having pups in your garden, but be sure to include them at every step of your party prep.  

Set the Tone

You’re throwing a garden party, so let your invitees know. If you grow flowers that stand pressing, you can use those on or in your invitations. Perhaps a section of your garden is specifically planted with greenery to attract pollinators: use a butterfly-themed invitation to give guests a preview of what they might see at the party. Definitely let your guests know they’ll be outdoors so they can dress accordingly, and maybe even encourage them to dress in floral attire.

Take Advantage of the Layout

If you have a tree, string lights and paper lanterns from the branches to create a magical seating area. An arbor or pergola can be a great place for a photo opp, so make sure to set up a camera to capture all of your guests. (Be sure to set out a bowl of treats to encourage your canine companions to sit still for photos.) Depending on the layout of your backyard, you might arrange your tables across planters so guests have a view of the fruits of your labor. Serve your food from a table on one side, while welcoming guests on another so they can take in your entire garden during their visit.

Showcase Your Labors

You’re throwing a garden-themed party in your very own garden, so certainly you should plan your menu around what you’ve grown. For starters, you can serve a salad with fresh produce, even including some edible flowers if you have them. If your haul includes berries, cucumber, or citrus, you can serve water infused with them, or cocktails made with them. You can decorate your tables with freshly cut flowers, or bowls of vegetables or fruits.  

You may need rental tables and chairs to accommodate your guests, but let your garden dictate the decor without spending money on extravagant trimmings. Make everyone feel welcome by inviting pets, and make it memorable with a photo station. Most importantly, remember why you work so hard in your garden: you are growing your own food! So certainly serve fare that incorporates what you’ve sown.  

Posted in Homeowners on Mar 16, 2019