How Do You Get The Garden Ready For Spring?

As The Spring Rolls In, Answering The Important Question Of How Do You Get The Garden Ready For Spring?

There is something really pure about being closer to nature and growing something with one's own hands. Today the world is modernized and trees are getting replaced by cement structures which can be suffocating at times. Gardening is one such hobby that can bring someone near to nature regardless of wherever they are or how big their garden is, it tends to bring peace and act as great stress relief.

Gardening in brief

Gardening is a practice in horticulture in which one grows and cultivates plants of their choice. The plants can be anything depending on the season and soil type. The most preferred types are ornamental plants including flower plants, foliage plants etc. Also if one has enough soil space one can grown vegetables, fruits, herbs which can be used for consumption and medicinal use.

Gardening can be random as most of the home gardens are or can be specialized too where only one or two kinds of plants are grown. Gardening is a labor intensive job as it needs active participation and alertness about plants health and needs.

Benefits of gardening

Many questions pop in one’s mind about gardening when spring is about to come, but before asking how do you get the garden ready for spring? Or what all plants can be planted in spring? Ask why you should gardening? Some of the reasons are:

  • Gardening is great for both physical and mental health as it can reduce stress, lower cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, and is also a great form of exercise.
  • Increase the value of one's property as a good landscape can be a selling point for the property in the future.
  • Gardening is a good impact on the environment as growing plants means making a little effort to clean the air of the pollution that humans create.
  • By gardening one can grow their fruits and vegetables which are a great alternative for the store bought ones.


Getting a spring ready garden

Now let’s ponder upon the question about how do you get the garden ready for spring? Some of the tips for so are:

  • Clean and tidy the flowerbeds by removing the debris and old growths. It is better to make the soil bare of any kind of weed and make the soil workable.
  • Clean and prune the tools and check if they are in good shape. One should check the pruners and sharpen them while the wooden tools should be cleaned and sanded.
  • Pre-order the summer plants and seeds so that one can get them as soon as the spring season rolls in.
  • Clean the shrubs by giving them a good trimming and remove all the dead branches and leaves.
  • Clean the greenhouse and wash the mosses, algae and fungal growths. Both outside and inside of the greenhouse should be disinfected.
  • Sow the seeds which might need longer periods of time to germinate.
  • One should clear the garden of any kind of hibernating pests and remove aphids, snails, weevil larvae cause they will damage the growing plants.
  • Move the deciduous plants as they are in the dormant stage during winters and the chances of getting them damaged in low.
  • One should also create a composting area by using a compost bin, where one can put the organic waste which will get converted into organic compost for plants.


Though gardening is usually tagged as a hobby for older people, it is not true as gardening is not about age but being closer to nature and work actively to take care of those plants that you have planted yourself.

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