5 Ways to Take the Hassle Out of Gardening this Winter

If you take steps to take the hassle out of gardening now in the fall, it makes it much easier for the winter. From filling in those bare patches to getting to grips with pruning, here’s how.

Have Your Lawn Removed

This might sound a bit drastic, but just remember all those times you had to get up and out in the cold on your day off to mess around with the lawn mower. This is a chore that almost no one likes to do, except maybe a few days in the summer. In winter, it’s just a nightmare. So imagine how you can relax in bed without worrying about the lawn if you have artificial turf. Services like https://www.northtexasluxurylawns.com/ can help you install the lawn of your dreams this year.

Plant in the Bare Areas

Maintaining a garden when it gets cold can be a challenge. And adding to it is even harder. So take the time in the fall while the ground is much softer to plant up the bare parts of your garden. This helps your garden flourish when spring finally comes around, so you don’t have to get outside and prepare the garden for the new season during winter. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and possibly your fingers, by basically future-proofing your garden while you can.

Take the Hassle Out of Gardening with Borders

There are many layers to a flower border. And while some retain their flowering over the winter, some can get in the way. This is why cutting the borders is essential so you can keep them strong while the weather is cold. This ensures a healthy return when the warmer weather comes in the spring. However, be sure to learn how to cut each flower to their specific requirements. Some only need a little trim, while others need cutting right down to ground level. 

Get Pruning Before the Cold

Who doesn’t love a good pruning? There’s something therapeutic about cutting things in the garden. From your garden herbs to the seasonal fruit trees, fall is a great time to get the pruning scissors out and begin cutting back the excess growth. This helps make sure they keep coming back healthier and stronger each year. While you’re there, also make sure to remove any dead leaves and branches, and check for any that are in the process of dying and remove them too.

Level the Soil

It can be a big job adding and removing soil for a level garden, which is why you need to do it before the winter hits. Because when that happens, it can become pretty much impossible. But why even bother? Well, you need proper drainage so excess rain runs off and away from the garden. Otherwise, it will be overwatered and logged. The easiest way to do this in the fall is by cutting H-shape slits into your turf and removing excess soil or adding the soil you need.


You can place artificial grass to take the hassle out of gardening over the winter. It also helps to trim your flower borders for better growth and level the soil before it gets too cold to do so.

Posted in Gardening on Sep 15, 2023