Is your garden mice infested?

We take a lot of pain to settle our house and the accompanying area around it. However, at times, all our efforts are threatened if the garden becomes manifested with the presence of a pest or rodent. Mice are one such creature that gets attracted easily to food items present in yards and gardens and try to make them their new home.

These little critters have the ability to make a meal out of anything that is edible. Apart from grains they can even feed on pet and livestock feed and any leftovers that they can find in the trash. Apart from that, the rodents dig up your entire landscape hence causing outward damage to your little paradise.

Not only that the presence of mice in your garden is a cause of major worry as they are carriers of many diseases and make the entire environment unclean. This makes it important for you to start looking for alternative methods of removal. Consider buying the best mouse trap to get your house free from this menace as soon as possible.

Some of the known diseases that mice can spread are Hantavirus, meningitis and hemorrhagic fever. The problem is that once your garden is infested with mice it becomes very easy for you to contract these ailments. This is because the contraction happens through the dust particles arising from mouse droppings which can lead you to catch the ailment.

In addition mice in your garden or home can also put nearby buildings at risk of infestation. At times they are clever enough to enter your house and create their own nests thereby increasing the risk for you. The fact that they are constantly chewing on your plants also ensures that all your hard work is getting spoilt.

Even though a few mice in the garden may seem to you harmless the truth is that once the number starts growing it can harm the nearby buildings as well and cause severe damage. Using mouse traps is one way to get rid of them but it’s essential to understand their working before setting them up. Apart from that, you can also remove any leftovers or attractors present in your yard.

Avoid using rat poison as it could damage other creatures present nearby too. You might have to do a lot of research before finding the best way to get rid of them hence being patient is the key. Once they are eliminated however make sure to dispose them after keeping the safety guidelines in mind.

Posted in Gardening on Apr 06, 2017