Whisky Barrel Furniture Is Rustic And Classy

Whether you want to decorate your home in natural colors, adopt a 100% rustic style or mix various interior décor styles creating a certain unique theme, whisky barrel furniture can help you achieve your goals without a sizable investment.

Affordable, natural, low-maintenance and built for comfort, wine and whisky barrel furniture has become extremely fashionable in recent years. If your home needs a makeover, and you are looking to adopt a more sustainable solution to your furniture problem, there is no better choice than whisky barrel furniture.

A Natural Rustic Design

Rustic styles are coming back into vogue, not just because they look great and offer your home a cozy feel, but also because of the sustainability associated with the materials and natural elements used for manufacturing this type of furniture.

Wine and whisky barrel furniture is made from genuine, sturdy barrels that would normally be thrown away. Instead, an increasing number of skilled manufacturers are using these discarded materials to build beautiful, unique chairs, tables, recliners and patio furniture, while also helping to protect the environment.

The stunning and unique appearance of whisky barrel furniture leaves very little to be desired. With color palettes that blossom from the natural environment, combined with interior design elements such as wooden floors, leather and suede finishes, natural fabrics, stone, wrought iron and rusted materials, whisky barrel furniture pieces fit in perfectly in any rustic setting – whether you’re interested in a refined mountainside log and cabin appearance, or you’re more into the classic, traditional appeal of the southwestern style.

Classy and Comfortable

Whisky barrel furniture has certainly come a long way. Not only is it stylish, but its unique appearance and the refined finishes that most manufacturers can produce nowadays will exceed all your expectations. In terms of comfort and style. However, this furniture has a lot more to offer:

  • Most whisky barrel pieces are made out of genuine barrels, polished and painted to offer a comfortable feel. The relaxing colors and surfaces will be perfect for bringing that old school countryside style to the city.
  • Whisky barrel furniture goes well with any style. Its cozy feel is great for going with traditional, laid back interior decorations, and can also complement modern elements quite well.
  • Whisky barrel furniture can be an inspired decision if you need classy outdoor furniture. It looks great on your patio and in your backyard, and some designs are even perfect for an outdoor kitchen.
  • You can get a wide range of comfortable, high class furniture pieces for a very reasonable price. Whisky barrel chairs, sofas, love seats, coffee tables, and even cabinets and bars can be obtained without a large investment.

Whisky Barrel Furniture and Its Long Term Use

One of the best things about wine and whisky barrel furniture is that it maintains its classy look and sturdy feel throughout the years. If you bought a furniture set today, you can be sure that its color won’t fade throughout the next couple of decades, and neither will its structural integrity.

Like with any type of furniture, some maintenance is required. Minimizing its contact with direct sunlight and treating it with teak oil or Brazilian rosewood oil will keep it in good shape for years to come.

If you are looking for furniture that is simultaneously rustic and classy, whisky barrel furniture is by far best way to go for the money. Its stylish, rustic appearance and feel will definitely impress all your friends and relatives, and most importantly, you.

Posted in Homeowners on Jun 05, 2017