Wheelbarrow Tires - Finding the Right One for your Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow tires come in different shapes and sizes because different types of wheelbarrows are used for different purposes. Frame wheelbarrow materials can consist of either steel or hardwood or a combination of both materials. If you wish to buy wheelbarrows, you must know the purpose of your use of it and the amount of weight you are going to be moving. For example, if you are working on a construction site you will require larger wheelbarrow tires to carry the large weight associated with construction such as cement bags, wood logs and sand. For this, you will need the double type wheelbarrow wheels. These types of tires are double-edged and contain 100% rubber.

If you are primarily using your wheelbarrow tires for construction than it is in your best interest to make sure that are not using disposable tires but instead tires in which you are able to pump the tire up with an air pump. Usually, a large amount of weight combined with the constant pulling of the wheelbarrow over uneven surfaces can cause the tires to use lose air pressure and deflate.

Conventional wheelbarrow wheels usually do not contain a hole to pump air into the tire because they are mostly used for handy work around the house and tending to your plants. When using your wheelbarrow for gardening, it will not contain as much weight and be as used as intensely as it would be on a construction site. Therefore, it a plastic wheelbarrow without tires that require pumping would be a good choice because it is more cost-efficient and does not require such heavy duty build and structure like a construction wheelbarrow would require.

In conclusion, it is important to choose wheelbarrow tires that are a reflection of the job you will be performing. Smaller tires are best used for house and garden work. On the other hand, tires that need to lift heavy materials such as sand and cement will require much larger tires to support the added weight. And you will also need to be looked after properly by having the sturdiness of the wheelbarrow handles and making a weekly check of the tire pressure to make sure the wheelbarrow wheels have not flattened out causing the moving of materials to be much harder.

Posted in Homeowners on Feb 16, 2018