What to do When Lawn Mowers Won't Start

Even if you own best push lawn mower the chances are that on at least one occasion it would not start and in many instances the inability of the mower to start has meant the lawn did not get cut. Unfortunately there are many instances of this but it does not necessarily mean your plans have to be ruined as on many occasions the mower will start if certain procedures are carried out.

Here are some of the things that can be done on these occasions in order to save the day:

The starter rope is stuck or seems hard to pull – This can be due to two reasons, first the flywheel brake for the engine is engaged. Ensure the brake is fully down to the handle and then try starting again. Second, the blades may be clogged with grass. Move the mower off the grass on to a solid surface and disconnect the spark plug for safety. Clear the deck of any obstructions and then re-connect the spark plug and try again.

The mower just will not start – Again this can be due to one of two causes, the fuel or the spark plugs. Check that there is fuel in the tank but even if there is the fuel may still be the problem if it is old, perhaps there since the last cutting season. Empty the tank if necessary and then refill with new fuel. Check if the spark plug is connected and if it is disconnected it and clean it as a dirty spark plug will cause the mower not to start.

Dirty fuel filter – If neither of the above has worked, the chances are you have a dirty air filter and so that will need to be replaced. This is a fairly common occurrence and so buying a spare when buying the mower may be helpful.

Sometimes even though your mower has started, it can still give trouble whilst you are mowing so here are a few tips which may help you to get the job finished:

If the mower loses power whilst cutting – This can be due to several things, the air filter, gas filter spark plug or type of grass. If you tap the side of the carburetor and the problem improves, the chances are you have a dirty gas filter and so it will need to be changed. If tapping the carburetor has had no effect and you had checked your spark plug then the air filter probably needs changing. The mower may also show a lack of power if you are in long grass and the blades get clogged up. Take safety precautions and then clean the deck.

Although there are times when a professional mechanic needs to overhaul your mower, these are few are far between as the mower, although a machine, is relatively basic and so most problems can be fixed by their owners. As with anything though prevention is best and so owners should treat their mowers as they would their cars and check them regularly and maintain in accordance with their manual.

Mowers are particularly prone to giving problems after having sat idle for a long period of time, such as the winter months so winterize your mower before stowing it away for the winter.


These tips are given by Lawn Mower Technical Expert from Lawn Habits blog

Posted in Homeowners on May 09, 2019


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