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To create a unique patio cover and transform the look of your outdoor space, our Valley Covers company can help. Using years of experience combined with innovative solutions and state-of-the-art materials, our team of professionals will create a covering that blends seamlessly not only with the architectural style of the home, but also with the surrounding landscape.

We operate in California and also serve other states across the country. Not only are technical features taken into account, but also the individual needs and preferences of the customer are taken into account when designing a project. 

What type of coatings we offer to our customers

We offer several options for patio covers. Each of them has its own special features. For more information, visit the company website:


Patio Covers -

This type of construction consists of horizontal slats, which allows the amount of sunlight and air flow to be adjusted. The vertical awning works on the principle of roller blinds with side guides. As a modern solution, patio blinds offer unique advantages:

  1. Versatility. This option is ideal for a variety of spaces - terraces, poolside lounges or outdoor dining areas.

  2. Adjustability. Provides easy control of natural light penetration, ventilation.

  3. Aesthetics. Innovative patio louver design allows for attractive looks and aesthetics that enhance the architecture of the home.

  4. Quality. Patio protection is created using high quality and durable materials to ensure that the covers last a long time.

A louvered patio cover is all about style and functionality, comfort in any weather. Personalization of the patio cover allows you to create a convenient control, which can be done with buttons, remote control. The cover can also be controlled from a cell phone or tablet. The system can be easily integrated with Skyline guillotine glazing systems, Acura and Vista pergolas.

Tent gazebo

The flagship Tented Pergola sun protection system with automatic roof retraction mechanism is the perfect option for:

  • private yards;

  • summer areas of hotel complexes, cafes and restaurants;

  • barbecue areas;

  • outdoor pools.

The tent-pergola patio cover is equipped with intelligent climate sensors, LED lighting, which allows you to use it all year round. High quality durable materials (aluminum) are used to manufacture the cover.

Before installing a canopy, specialists take into account the purpose, location and degree of illumination of the outdoor space. This allows the functionality and aesthetics of the patio to be optimized. A well thought-out design provides the perfect balance of protection from the sun without obstructing natural light.

Advantages include:

  1. Durability. Aluminum is resistant to deformation and corrosion, resistant to negative external factors, so it is ideal for creating coatings that can be used in different climatic zones with minimal wear and tear.

  2. Minimal maintenance costs. No need for regular painting or sealing.

  3. Variety of options. Aluminum patio covers are available in a variety of colors, styles and designs, allowing you to adapt them to any architectural scheme.

  4. Lightness. Due to the lightness of aluminum, installation of the coating is quick and easy. 

The cover is versatile, easy to customize and fits perfectly into outdoor spaces of any design. Integrates with Acura, Vista pergolas, Skyline guillotine glazing systems. 

Automatic shading system

Automatic Shading -

Automatic shading is ideal for:

  • porches;

  • winter gardens;

  • transparent glass roofs/ceilings.

With its sleek design, the system is very robust and durable. It is equipped with LED lighting, intelligent controls, available in several models and different colors. The automatic shading provides excellent UV protection and is suitable for all architectural styles.

Why choose us

Valley Covers offers innovative patio solutions that are highly functional. Our company provides customers with a wide range of canopy options, pergola and patio sunshade/patio installation services, and customization of coverings. 

The cost is calculated individually and depends on various factors. In order to find out how much the patio cover costs, it is necessary to contact our manager, who will provide professional advice.

Posted in Homeowners on Jan 09, 2024