Using The Hot Tub During The Winter

As temperatures start to drop, many believe it's best to simply drain the hot tub and wait for summer to get it back in action. And this makes sense on many levels. For example, it extends the use you get from the hot tub, and it is something less to worry about during the winter. But there are some advantages to keeping the hot tub running, even when it's chilly outside.

So, if you've been thinking about doing things differently this year, here is an objective look at the pros and cons involved with your decision.

Pro No. 1: You Don't Need Layers To Keep Warm Outside

With a hot tub bubbling outside, it won't be necessary to stay under lock-down inside your house. And instead of having to get dressed like you are trekking to the north pole, you can just sit in the hot tub. So, when you start feeling like you need some fresh air, but it's freezing outside, get into the hot tub.

Con No. 1: Getting Out Of The Hot Tub

Unfortunately, there is a process of getting out and moving into the house. But if you are prepared for that cold feeling with enough towels and blankets to immediately absorb the wetness, it should be over pretty quick. Also, you can strap on a gown for good measure.

Pro No. 2: Soothe Aching Muscles

What is the one thing even doctor recommend for sore joints and muscles? A hot bubble bath. Now, hot tubs can be very therapeutic if you let it be, meaning you should add some bath salts to mix things up and fight the bodily pains associated with winter.

Con No. 2: There Is Maintenance Involved

Not everyone is going to like this part, but yes, using your hot tub during the winter will require maintenance. For example, the ice and snow that ultimately cover the hot tub need to be cleared away regularly. Otherwise, it will pack on too tightly, making it almost impossible to clear properly. This is also a tiresome process if you don't the snow constantly and with the right execution.

Pro No. 3: Get Rid Of Stress

Everyone can agree that the festive season can be tenser than the rest of the year. And this is why you need extra methods for decompressing. Not everyone has a gym membership or even time to go, and everyone can't feel like strapping on tights and doing yoga. Sometimes, you just want to let the hot tub melt away the stress without any effort from you. And doesn't this sound like an option you want all year round?

Con No. 3: Limited Hot Tub Time

Chances are you won't be using the hot tub as much as you do during the summer, mainly because the elements can interfere. For example, extended snow and rain won't exactly improve the experience. So, you'll be at the mercy of the elements before you can really utilize the hot tub during the winter as well.

Posted in Homeowners on Dec 03, 2018


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