The Usage Of Bulk Bags In Landscaping

Most landscaping companies often find it quite difficult to transport various products such as top soil. In most cases when they need mulch and soil, they typically use dump trucks and place them on the driveway or yard. Those that do gardening during the weekend who need topsoil won't need such a large amount of soil during the week since each truck load is about 5 to 10 cubic yards. After all, anything can change and even the weather. So, that pile of topsoil can easily turn into a soaking wet pile of mud and mush in the client's yard or driveway that would be quite the mess to deal with or get rid of.

Over the years, a much better option has become available. So, instead of getting top soil, mulch and other products via trucks, many landscaping businesses are now transporting them using flexible intermediate bulk containers or bulk bags. There are numerous pros of using these bulk bags to transport various landscaping products and we will now look at three main ones.

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1. Accuracy

When you get landscaping products via trucks, this is very inefficient without much flexibility. As a result, most people need to get their work done asap otherwise the soil, mulch or other products can easily wash away, get bugs etc. Also, it is very difficult to actually deliver the product. Most dump trucks are quite large and there isn't too much flexibility on where they can place the product since street access is necessary. After all, most people don't want a 15 ton truck damaging their yard.

On the other hand, FIBC cubic yard bulk bags can be easily filled with various materials and placed just about anywhere. This allows them to be easily separated and the customer can get exactly how much product they need. So, if the customer only requires a cubic yard of soil and mulch, two bags can be filled with these two materials and kept separately. Then, they can be delivered without any fuss or mess.

2. More Accurate Distribution

The vast majority of customers don't require only one product but will need various products such as compost, topsoil, decorative rocks, mulch and more. Therefore, one of the changes in landscaping dump trucks is that they have started to place boards between the different products to provide sufficient separation.

With bulk bags, you can now simply place different materials into their own individual bulk bags. These FIBCs can easily allow you to deliver between 3 to 5 different types of landscaping products according to quantities required. Therefore, this will save your business a lot of time, effort and money.

3. Good Storage

The biggest issues with using dump trucks that dump material on driveways and yards is that the product can only stay there until it has been fully used or removed for disposal. This product can easily wash away with rain and bad weather over time.

However, with duffle top bags, now clients can easily seal the bags of product so that they don't wash away. The FIBCs are quite weatherproof and ensure that pests and even dogs and cats in the neighborhood stay out of them. They will surely go a long way in maintaining the integrity and high quality of your landscaping products.

Posted in Homeowners on Apr 15, 2021