Unique Ways You Can Use Scrap Car Parts To Make Tasteful Yard Decor

Americans scrapped 11.5 million vehicles back in 2013. However, instead of sending an old car to the junkyard, upcycling scrap parts and turning them into something new for your garden can be an eco-friendly and creative way to spruce up your yard. From tire flower beds to truck bed benches, here’s how you can make the best of scrap car parts and turn them into something totally new.

New life for tires

A single tire takes hundreds of years to decompose, which presents a significant issue, since 11% of dead tires are dumped into landfills. However, old tires are perhaps the perfect way to bring a creative element into your garden, and they can do so in several ways. For example, tires can make for the perfect flower beds or planters, which can be especially useful for keeping certain flowers or plants together. For example, you can use one tire for flowers that require specific care, and another for herbs. Tires can also be suspended from trees and hold flowers - but the possibilities go even further.

Turning tires into garden patio furniture is another fun idea that can easily bring life into your yard. One way to do so is by turning a large tire into an ottoman, which can be done by placing a wood tabletop over it, creating a makeshift table that’s sure to turn heads. You can add more creativity by spray painting the tire a different color to match your other garden furniture, and by adding a weather-friendly fabric and cushion to the top. Another option is to add a tire swing to your garden or yard, which is especially perfect for those who want a timeless piece for the children or grandchildren to enjoy.

A new bench

A garden wouldn’t be complete without proper seating, and scrap vehicle parts are a great way to create a completely unique bench that’s perfect for enjoying your garden. However, it’s important to keep in mind that depending on the type and body style of the vehicle you’ll be using, the outcome of the bench is likely to be different for everyone. One popular option (and perhaps one of the most logical) involves crafting the bench with a mixture of wood and specific fixtures from the vehicle - such as a truck bed. Using the truck bed in conjunction with wood not only offers an easier approach than using just scrap vehicle parts, but it allows you to incorporate a modern feel to the bench with just the right amount of vehicle added in - making for a DIY project that requires nothing more than simple materials.

Creative uses for license plates

License plates are yet another part of any old car that can be salvaged and used as a fun way to dress up your yard. For instance, license plates can be made into fun signs to place around your garden, and can either be collected and used to show off the places you’ve been, or can be painted over and made into hand-painted signs to signify the different plants you’re growing. License plates can also be used in an even more creative way by bending them in half and using them to top handmade birdhouses, which can allow you to have a subtle hint of an old car in your garden.

Old cars are often sent straight to the junkyard, but choosing to upcycle the scrap parts is a great way to salvage a part of history - no matter the make or model. From tire swings to ottomans and even handmade birdhouses topped with license plates, there are a plethora of ways you can turn old scrap pieces of cars into unique yard features.

Posted in Homeowners on May 18, 2020


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