Turn Your Backyard Into A Mindful Sanctuary

Scientific studies have proven that being outside - even if it is in a small backyard, is beneficial for your health. Data from more than 290 million people found that being outdoors lowers your stress levels, having an impact on your blood pressure and cardiovascular health. It reduces the risk of becoming depressed and is good for your overall mental wellbeing. This is why a backyard is an ideal place for a mindful sanctuary, where you can meditate, relax and contemplate on life. It is a special place where you can go when you want to be alone with your thoughts. 

Create an area for self-reflection

For a completely calm and mindful experience, create a special area in your backyard that is dedicated for practising meditation and self-reflection. If you want to move forward and achieve your dreams and aspirations, then it is often necessary to spend time looking to the past and consider the events from your life that are preventing you from growing. A psychic reading can also help you to analyse your experiences and decide the best path to take. This kind of insight can help you understand your emotions and the best way to handle them. In your backyard choose a sheltered section and put down comfortable matting, or a small seating area that is suitable for meditation. A few pillows and throws can help make a cosy area that feels like a personal sanctuary. 

Use a backyard soundscape

Your backyard might have the sounds of wildlife or birds floating through the air if you are in the country. You might also have the noise of traffic and bustle of the city. If you want to create a mindful sanctuary, then using restful, relaxing music can help create a calm atmosphere that you will want to spend time in. The easiest way to bring music outdoors is by using waterproof, wireless speakers that link up with your smartphone or tablet using bluetooth. You will then be able to bring relaxing sounds into your backyard space, like the backdrop of the rainforest, or the ocean waves. Most of the streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify have nature sounds playlists that are perfect creating a mindful soundscape. 

Using planting to create calm

Filling your garden pots or flower beds with scented herbs like lavender and chamomile can help to relax the body and also attract birds and insects into your backyard. Mint, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary and verbena will fill the air with freshness and they also taste beautiful when infused into an herbal tea. If your backyard is overlooked or in a busy city, then strategic planting can help your make your space feel secluded and sheltered. Use bamboo in pots to help disguise areas that you don’t want to see, or large-leafed plants like banana. Even if your backyard doesn’t get a lot of light, you can plant some large ferns with huge, curled fronds to help you feel surrounded by nature. 

Your backyard is an ideal place for a mindful sanctuary when you can reflect and meditate. At the end of a long day it is a safe space where you can be yourself.

Posted in Homeowners on Dec 31, 2019