Trending Ideas for a Modern Asian Water Feature

Water features such as fountains, waterfalls, small ponds or even bird baths can be an elegant and natural addition to any commercial or residential area. Several creative options and ideas for water features have emerged following their increasing popularity.

Indoor Water Feature with Plants

Don’t eliminate the possibilities of installing a water feature among your custom planter boxes.

Water fountains or waterfalls can be just as lovely when installing inside a shopping mall or other commercial buildings. These can be a big attraction and provide a calm moment in the often frantic shopping environment.

You can further enhance the aesthetics of the indoor water feature by adding plants like ferns around it. The water feature area can serve as a designation resting spot for shoppers or passers-by in commercial settings.

Paired with a Wooden Bridge

A simple wooden bridge can be built across ponds, giving this water feature an Asian or traditional Japanese vibe.

You should opt for strong wood materials with lacquer finishing to protect your wooden bridge from weather damage, especially if this water feature is installed outdoors as exterior decoration.

Play with Elements

Your water feature can extend from the ceiling too! Install a glass panel from the ceiling area and allow the water to flow down onto a bed of rocks slowly. If you have ever been in Dubai airport you can see there one such fountain in significant proportions.

Create a contrasting effect in your water feature by placing a small fire pit just in front of the water feature. The mix between the fire’s wild movements and the soothing flow of water will make this water feature an excellent spot for relaxation.

Down the Staircase

You can still install a water feature when you have a limited amount of space to spare for decoration purposes. Make use of empty spaces at the side of the staircase if you need to!

Place watering cans or any other forms of containers with spouts down the staircase and adjust the placement of these watering cans as necessary. Water will flow from one watering can to the other and cycle back to the first watering can at the top to create a low maintenance water feature.

Tabletop Water Features

Not all water features need to burn a hole in your wallet. The simplest water feature can involve just a wide ceramic vessel and some aquatic plants.

Choose a ceramic vase that can fit well on your preferred surfaces - decorative tables, right by a more prominent water feature or anywhere else that you prefer. Papyrus and floating lilies are good choices of aquatic plants for this purpose.

Adorned with Decorative Ornaments

Most water features are decorated with other zen elements. If you have a Chinese or Japanese water feature style, then you can consider decorating your water feature with bamboo items, smooth rocks or even a Buddha statue.

Water features with other styles can be decorated in the same way with other ornaments. You can have wooden decorations of varying sizes surrounding your water features too.

Keep It Simple with Two-Tiered Water Features

Go for the minimalistic approach for your water feature with a two-tiered pot water feature. Since the water feature is contained within a single structure with two tiers, you can place it anywhere you like.

If there is enough space within this two-tiered structure, you can further beautify it with small-sized aquatic plants.  

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