Top Tricks to Keep Your Garden Free From Waste

Gardens are perfect places to grow fruits and vegetables and you can maximize them to produce more fruits. It is also possible to grow flowers in your garden. But one major issue with gardens is the waste they produce. There will be a waste of fresh fruits, vegetables, and even flower stems after they mature.

However, it isn't necessary that all the garden waste has to be thrown away or has to be composted. You can use some gardening hacks, and some items you may not know could be of great help in this regard.

If you do not want to go for such liquid fertilizers, you can even use the waste of your garden to make compost manure. And if you aren’t going to use all of them in your garden, you can hire a skip to help you dispose of them well. By comparing skip companies, you’ll be able to find the best choice out there.

There are many more uses of garden waste than you can imagine. Here's a list of the top tricks to keep your garden free from waste:

1. Tea Waste

You must have had a lot of tea leaves left behind after drinking a cup of tea. However, this is when you can put them to some use. You can plant seeds of basil or mint directly in the used tea leaves, and within no time, you will have fresh herbs from your kitchen garden.

2. Coffee Waste

If you love drinking coffee and do not want to throw away the used coffee beans, then here is a great way out for you. Take some of these used coffee beans and plant them in your garden or even in glass pots. You can expect fresh coffee after just a few days of planting the coffee beans.

3. Used Wine Corks

If you are fond of wines, there are high chances that you always have some used wine cork lying around. You can use these corks to create a DIY self-watering container. Cut the bottom of any plastic bottle and keep the cork on top before filling it with water. Just place this in the garden, and the cork will slowly release water when required by plants.

4. Banana Peels

No one likes to eat half-ripe bananas, but you can use them after cutting them into halves or even pieces. Clean out some space in the garden and bury the banana peels in the soil. It is a well-known fact that banana peels have a lot of potassium content, and it helps increase the germination percentage of seeds.

5. Egg Shells

You can use eggshells to create beautiful garden candles. Take some eggshell halves and dip them in melted wax before filling them with water and flower petals. You can light these candles and place them in your garden to add a nice, peaceful feel while gardening.

6. Used Coffee Grounds

If you want to create some organic fertilizers for your plants, coffee grounds are one of the best options available. Just spread some used coffee grounds around the plants, and you can expect them to flourish in no time.

7. Egg Cartons

If you love to grow some plants indoors, it would be good to use egg cartons for this purpose. These egg cartons can be used as seed starters, and you would not have any issue with the moisture levels inside the carton.

8. Banana Skins

Banana peels are not just used for growing some herbs or making some candles, but you can use them on a larger scale to add beauty and color to your garden. Put some pieces of banana skin in the garden, and it will release a nice aroma which will attract the butterflies.

9. Apple Cores

You can use apple cores to create fun bird feeders for your garden. You can either attach these cores to a tree or place them near the shrubs in the garden. This way, you will attract birds and enjoy watching them chirp around your garden all day long.

10. Used Tea Bags

One of the best uses of old tea bags is to use them as pest repellants for your plants. Place some used tea bags near the plants, and they will keep a lot of insects away from the plants. It would be good to place some more tea bags between those plants, which are most likely to attract the pests.

11. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers

Fruits, vegetables, and flowers can all be dried using your oven for crafts or food storage. Put the food item on a baking sheet stick it in the oven at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 Celsius) until it dries out completely. To create a tasty, chewy snack, you can even keep fruits like apples or bananas in for about two hours.

12. Aluminum Foil

You can use aluminum foil in your garden, and it would be a great addition to any soil. All you need to do is put some pieces of aluminum foil in the metal recycling bin and add them along with other compostable items you have in your home.

13. Used Coffee Filters

If you are fond of morning coffee, you might have some used paper filters lying around in your home. You can use these to create beautiful hanging baskets for your garden by just poking holes through them and suspending them from a rod or pole using some sturdy string.

14. Egg Cartons

Using egg cartons, you can create fun and beautiful planters for your porch or garden. Just cut off the top half of an egg carton, clean it out completely, and hang it from a rod or pole with some sturdy string. You can even make small holes in the egg cartons as strawberry planters.

15. Styrofoam Cups

You can grow some small plants in Styrofoam cups by filling the bottom half with soil and poking holes in the sides of the cup for drainage. You can then place this cup into another, larger Styrofoam cup, making sure that the bottom of the smaller cup is not visible.

16. Candles

One of the best ways to have a cheap and easy light source in your garden is by using candles. Place these candles around a nice spot in your garden and enjoy a nice evening with friends and family while playing games, eating barbecue, or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere.

These are some of the best tips on how you can reuse some everyday items to make your garden free from waste. All the above tricks are simple, easy to do, and can be done in minutes. Now you have all the knowledge you need to enjoy a beautiful green garden.

Posted in Gardening on Feb 22, 2022