Tips To Maintain Your Garage Door Opener This Winter

Winter is all about spending quality time and bonding over long drives and warm fireplaces to make memories that last forever. However, before driving out, your garage door mustn’t let you down when you need it to open the most. Garage door openers tend to act up the most during winters.

As a homeowner, using the best set of tools to maintain the item ensures that the appliance functions smoothly throughout the winter. Some of the instruments and safety equipment you should use while taking care of your device are ladders, clamps, winding bars, and gloves to ensure the item is well maintained.

It is also crucial to note that trained professionals should only perform certain maintenance tasks. You must know when you can DIY them and when you need to call in the experts. This post will guide you through understanding how to maintain your garage door opener effectively this winter.

Essential Maintenance Tips To Follow This Winter

Taking care of your garage door opener is an essential element of home maintenance. Maintaining your appliance becomes all the more important this season as elements like snow and thunderstorms can cause your opener to malfunction if not cared for properly. To make sure the appliance remains in good condition, check out the tips mentioned below.

1. Look Into The Exterior Elements Of The Opener

Since your garage door will open and close many times during the season, you must maintain the exterior hardware. Inspect elements such as the nuts and bolts on the opener and check if everything is in its place. You should also ensure the bar rails are tightly holding onto the supporting roller brackets for the door’s smooth movement. Any unattached fittings must be tightened for the device to remain in good condition at all times.

Here are a few additional points you should know about exterior door maintenance.

You can maintain the exterior of your door by yourself—however, practice caution.

Always wear gloves while inspecting the necessary fittings of your door for your safety.

If you don’t know how to take the DIY route, call in for a professional inspection.

Home appliance warranty plans are also an excellent option to opt for as an added layer of protection for your garage door opener.

2. Examine The Chain Of The Garage Door Opener

The chain of your device ensures the door can open and close smoothly. Due to excessive usage, the chain can start dropping, causing difficulties for you and your family to venture outside in your car during the holiday season. Always check whether the chain is tightly attached to its socket at all times. Some of the crucial aspects you must follow to ensure your chain is well maintained are mentioned below.

Due to the cold weather, you must lubricate the chains driver once in fifteen days.

Check the fittings of the chain and driver, and ensure all components are correctly attached.

3. Analyze The Reverse Sensor Of The Door

Your opener’s reverse door sensor is a crucial component that checks whether any material such as snow, kids’ toys, or your car’s tool kit is found under the door when it’s closing. If any particular component is located underneath, your garage door will not close completely. Plus, if the sensor is not well maintained, it can be quite a nuisance for you, especially in the winter, as fixing the part can be troublesome in the cold weather.

To ensure this component remains in good shape, check whether all the sensor settings are adjusted appropriately. It is also important that kids don’t tamper with the door’s remote as this can hamper the sensor’s settings, causing it to malfunction.

Here are a few additional care tips to follow while examining the sensor.

If you are confused about adjusting the settings, read the owner’s manual.

You can also clean and remove debris from the photoelectric eye of the garage door opener. This component is also critical and works in sync with the reverse sensor.

4. Replace The Batteries Of The Garage Door Remote

Batteries are essential for your appliance to remain working at all times. If your remote’s batteries are dying, your garage door opener will not receive a strong signal. You must change your garage door opener batteries once in two years to obtain optimal performance from the device. Some of the other aspects you should know regarding batteries and the remote are as follows.

1. Usually, lithium-ion coin-sized batteries are used in the garage door opener remotes.

2. It is also vital that you keep your garage door remote in top condition at all times.

3. Avoid letting pets in your home gain access to the garage door remote.

4. Keep the remote away from toddlers in your home.

The Home Warranty Advantage

Despite taking care of your appliance, it can start malfunctioning in the winter. If you cannot fix the problematic components by yourself, home warranties are a good option. Several top-rated home warranty companies offer quality services to repair or replace malfunctioning parts. Here are a few critical aspects you should know about home warranty policies.

Several systems and appliances get covered under home warranty plans

The market value of your home increases with home warranty policies in place

Home warranties are cost-effective and assure you peace of Mind

Closing Thoughts

Whether you opt for the DIY route or call in for professional help, garage door opener maintenance is essential to keep it functioning smoothly at all times. Taking extra care of your device will make sure it remains in good condition throughout the harsh winter.

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