Tips for Creating a Garden Arbor

A garden arbor can add a dramatic effect to the landscape when used correctly. An arbor is supposed to entice people to pass through it and give the illusion of something magical on the other side. All too often garden arbors are simply placed as a stand-alone structure in the middle of the yard. Nothing beside it, on top of it nor behind it. It’s just there taking up space instead of adding a decorative element to the landscape. Use these tips for creating a garden arbor that will add beauty and value to your home landscape.

Location, Location, Location

Install the garden arbor where it can be seen from several outdoor vantage points and from indoors (if possible). An arbor should beckon you to pass through it and should provide a reason to pass through it. The location should not be a dead-end, but the entrance to a garden, patio, outdoor seating or grilling area.
If the garden arbor will be used to support for vines or a vertical flower garden, select a sunny location so the plants will receive plenty of sunlight.

A garden arbor can also denote the entrance to your property. A gate and solar lights can easily be added if desired to enhance curb appeal.

Vertical Support System

Take advantage of the vertical support system the garden arbor provides and use it as a trellis for climbing vines or for a vertical garden. Plant clematis, star jasmine, climbing roses, wisteria or any favorite climbing vines at each side of the arbor base. The climbing plants will attach themselves to the arbor and quickly cover it, providing both beauty and shade.

If the garden arbor is sturdy enough, attach containers to the sides and plant vegetables and flowers to create a unique vertical garden.

Garden Assistance

A modern garden cart can make all your outdoor tasks easier. Great for hauling building supplies, garden tools, fresh produce and outdoor entertainment supplies. Garden carts are affordable, easy to use and enable you to get more done with less effort.

Garden Cart

Posted in Homeowners on May 17, 2017