Tips For Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers can be very stressful because you have so many aspects to think about before choosing. Having a few tips to help you in making the tough choice is always a good idea. The tips below will help you get the best Scottish Wedding Flowers.

1. Make sure that you choose something that you like and that makes you feel comfortable. It can be very tempting to pick other people's choices because you imagine they will be a great choice. However, even with recommendations, it is best to pick something that you feel works for you.

2. Have an idea of the wedding colours and choose the bridesmaids' dresses that you want before thinking about choosing flowers. Once you have a colour scheme, it will be much better because you can accentuate the dresses with flowers. The design of the dresses will also help you to pick bouquet styles that complement the attire.

3. How will the bouquet style you pick affect the dress? Find a style that works well with what you're wearing, such that it complements it and does not shadow or overwhelm the wedding dress. Talk to an experienced florist so that they can advise on the best style for you. A bouquet that is too big may look gorgeous on paper, but it will get heavy carrying it around, and it could also hide parts of the dress.

4. Most grooms have a buttonhole in their suit made from a flower matching the bride's bouquet. You can have the flower look a bit different from the bouquet so it can have an outstanding style. That can be achieved by adding more foliage to the flower. You are free to choose any flowers for the best man, groom, and other males that are a central part of the wedding (grandads/dads).

5. It is advisable to have a venue before talking to a florist because you can determine the best design for the flowers when you know what arrangement is best suited to the venue. For instance, if you are having your wedding in a rustic barn, then informal flower arrangements are ideal. However, this style would not work for an elegant venue such as a manor house. You need to know if country flowers and large vases are the flowers to pick or if you need a different style such as silver candelabras for a more sophisticated look.

6. For table flowers that go on guests' tables it is advisable to have flower arrangements that are low so that the guests can see each other. Large flowers will have them craning their necks to see what is happening or to talk to someone at a different table.

7. Try to utilize the flowers you have for one part of the wedding onto the next. Your church ceremony flowers can also be used for the reception if you choose the right style.

8. If you're thinking about having the guests carry the flowers home when they leave, pick a style that is suitable and not too large.

9. If you are choosing seasonal flowers, make sure you talk to the florist about the prices. Some flowers may be more expensive to use if they are not in season at the time of the wedding. For instance, red, white, and ivory flowers are more expensive when it's close to Christmas.

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