Tips For Choosing Ideal Work Boots for the Garden

Safety boots, also known as work boots or Caterpillar boots, are referred to as such for a reason. They're made to give the best protection to your feet, even in the most challenging working conditions. So, before you purchase a pair of safety boots, it is important to do some research and know the important things about them.

Now, we are not going to be comprehensive in this read, but we are going to cover some of the most important things to consider when it comes to picking safety boots.

  • The Fit of The Heel - Most individuals purchase work boots that don't fit them properly at the heel and this results in slippage within the boot which ultimately leads to imbalance. This is the last thing you want in a safety boot, especially when your work involves carrying significantly heavy loads. You should look for work footwear that fits firmly and the heel as this improves your stance and balance.
  • Heel to Toe in a Straight Line - If the boot's heel to toe is in a straight line, it will help prevent straining or the slippage of your feet. In order to find this out, you should press the boot against the side of its packaging box and assess the alignment.
  • Fastenings - Fastenings for insteps are a must have as they can prevent you from falling while moving. When this is combined with a good heel grip, you will be able to feel the surface while on the move and this helps avoid many potential injuries.
  • Let Your Toes Move - A safety shoe that's toe tight doesn't give room for your toes and can result in a host of new problems. As such, you will want to ascertain that you can freely move your toes. This is particularly crucial if you're working in cold conditions, as the lack of toes movement tends to restrict the blood flow. Ultimately, the results are a loss of sensation and so, it will be harder to tell where you're stepping.
  • Go Flat - While at work, it's imperative to have safety boots that are flat soled. That's because a flat sole improves balance and helps alleviate lower back strain.

When you go out shopping for work boots, keep these simple tips in mind.

Posted in Gardening on Jun 18, 2019