Ten Great Tips For Patio Improvement

The following ten tips will help improve the appearance of your patio.

1. Use high-gloss or semigloss finish to seal your patio. Make sure you have cleaned it first. This can all be done for less than 100 dollars.

2. Make your patio look great by upgrading the landscaping around it. Use mulch to separate your patio from the grass. Add shrubs and plant flower beds. In addition to giving the patio a larger appearance, it will give both the lawn and patio a more defined look. When planned properly, this project can also cost less than 100 dollars.

3. For 200 dollars or less, you can add wind chimes to your patio.

4. To give your patio a new look, add large hanging baskets. The owner of Hamilton's Hoelle Construction, Darren Hoelle, says these baskets are "a big fad. You can get between four to six of them for around 200 dollars.

5. Water fountains are another great idea for aesthetics. For this project, you will need a water garden, rocks, pebbles, wood and a small pump. You can expect to pay about 500 dollars for this project.

6. Fire pits are a fun addition. Not only do they make your patio look great, but they are a feature that allows you to have outdoor enjoyment all year long. You can use blocks, bricks, boulders, or flagstones for this project; all of this can be done for less than 500 dollars.

7. A great idea that is appealing aesthetically and function for seating is adding concrete seat walls. Build low retaining walls with concrete steps for under 500 dollars.

8. Solar lighting will give your patio a glow. The owner of Springfield's DHI Builders (Designer Homes Ind), Dino Laventzis, says these lights provide your outdoor area with "personality and ambiance".

9. Grill islands add spice to your patio and allows you to entertain in style. Counters and gas grills can be put on a spacious structure called a grill island. This project tends to be pricier than others, at 1000 dollars or more.

10. Get some shade while on your patio by building an open trellis roof. Expect to pay around 2000 for this.

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Posted in Homeowners on Aug 23, 2018