Solar Garden Lamps - Versatile, Easy to Install Outdoor Lighting

For versatile, easy to install lighting outside your home, solar garden lamps are one of your best choices. Since they draw all of their power from the sun, won’t there’s no tangle, fussing with wires or worrying about the correct way to install a transformer or any of the other hassles that come with installing low voltage outdoor lighting. Solar garden lights are a great way to kick start your landscape lighting plans or are even great to add to an existing set of landscape lights. According to Solar Equipment World, the best solar lights are great for a variety of different uses as well. Below I’ve listed three of the best ways that you can use them.

Walkway Lighting

A small solar powered garden lamp can work great for walkway, driveway and pathway lighting. Solar yard lights like the set Sunforce Solar Garden Lights 10 Pack pictured to the right are an amazing way to quickly and easily add lighting to any path around your home, whatever size or shape it might be. Just make sure that you always alternate the sides of the path that you place the light on. Otherwise you might end up with path lighting that looks more like an airport runway than anything else!

Decorative Lighting for a Large Area

Solar garden lanterns also work great for lighting up large areas, especially if you’re using the lights to accent the style of your home. You have many choices for solar lamp posts, but the best ones resemble this Victorian LED Lamp from Gamasonic. It is not only powered by bright LEDs but it also has a cone reflector built into the inside of it. If you’re planning on installing solar deck lights, patio lights, or just security lights on your porch outside your door, this fixture, or one of many others like it can brighten up your landscape and look great while they’re doing it.

Lighting for Tables and Other Gathering Areas

Solar powered lamps also work great for lighting up tables on your deck, patio, or anywhere else in your backyard or garden. Lights like the Smart Solar Solar Powered Table Lamp will add a touch of style to an otherwise ordinary picnic table or bar. Just make sure that the lamps can either be attached to the table or they are heavy. Otherwise in heavy winds they might end up on your neighbor’s table!

Installing solar garden lamps like the ones recommended in this article are an amazing way to quickly and easily brighten up your landscape. Whether you want to use them for walkway lights, decorative lights, or even just lighting up a table, they’ll be right at home no matter how many landscape lights you currently have on your property.  Get your plans kick started today by grabbing some amazing deals on these cheap solar garden lights from our partners at Amazon.

Posted in Homeowners on May 31, 2018


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