Small Space In Apartment? DIY Garden in a Mint Tin

Being trapped inside for quarantine and lockdown periods has sparked a new love for nature and the great outdoors in many people. Those who live in urban settings are especially drawn to the art of indoor gardening. 

Unfortunately, space is often an issue when living in an apartment or condo. However, with a little creativity and forethought, you can create a mint tin garden that suits any small space. Here's how.

Why a Mint Tin Garden?

A mint tin garden is a fun, eye-catching way to grow plants with limited outdoor space. Whether you're surrounded by downtown Dallas apartments with small balconies or in a studio loft in NYC with one good window, anyone can have a mint tin garden.

These miniature gardens are fun to create and make great gifts for friends and family who are also feeling trapped inside. This planter option is fantastic for those who have a proverbial "black thumb" and struggle with keeping high-maintenance house plants alive.

Best Plants for Mint Tin Garden

When choosing plants for your miniature garden, you'll want something shallow rooting as there won't be much room to grow. Succulents tend to do well in a mint tin, as they don't require much room for root growth and prefer dry soil. Low-maintenance moss and fern breeds are great for miniature gardens that don't get much light.

If your goal is to create a garden with plants you can use, herbs like thyme, cilantro, and mint also do well in this setting. 

How to Make a Mint Tin Garden

To create your mint tin garden, you'll need an old mint tin with the cover detached, a drill (or a hammer and nail), cactus soil, small gravel, and seeds or transplants.

When you have all of your materials ready, the steps to create your custom mint tin garden is as follows:

  1. Use your drill or hammer and nail to punch a few holes through the bottom of your mint tin.
  2. Place the small gravel in the bottom of the tin for drainage.
  3. Scatter the cactus soil over the top of the gravel.
  4. Plant the seeds or transplants in the cactus soil, topping up the dirt as needed.
  5. Set the garden on the overturned cover to catch any drained water. 
  6. Water the garden according to the plants' needs, discarding any water that flows into the lid.

Creating a mint tin garden is simple and straightforward. You can easily create multiple gardens at once or set this up as a group activity.

Alternative Miniature Garden Ideas

While mint tin gardens are adorable, you can use plenty of other vessels to create a miniature garden. If you're looking to grow herbs or use larger plants, you can use anything from a teacup to an old jewelry box to create your indoor garden.

When creating a tiny garden, the key thing to remember is to ensure the plants you use are shallow rooting and that you incorporate proper drainage. If you're using something that can't be drilled (like a teacup), add more gravel for drainage and watch for signs of over-watering. Many shallow rooting plants are susceptible to root rot in overly damp settings.

Don't forget to add some other decorative elements to your mini garden for the full gardening effect. Create a stone wall with your leftover gravel and hot glue, or invest in a few doll-sized benches and fountains. Creating miniatures is a popular hobby, and there are plenty of supplies available online.

Final Thoughts

Creating a mint tin garden is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors into your small apartment. Get creative and try different plants and vessels until you find something you love.

Posted in Gardening on Jan 28, 2021


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