Simple Solutions Pest Experts Use For Pigeon Problems

Many gardeners don’t really likes pigeons, even those who love birds. This is because pigeons cause so many problems. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at a range of bird pest control solutions recommended and used by professionals.

Mark from Pest Exterminators Essex, a local firm that provide expert pest control in Essex, is joining us to give you the best solutions to your pigeon problems with some simple and effective solutions for bird control that gardeners will love.

Pigeon Spikes

You can stop pigeons from perching on your roof, fences and walls by installing pigeon spikes. These work very effectively at keeping them off their regular perching spots. Spikes stop the pigeons from being able to land onto a hard surface, thereby preventing them from bothering you. This once again is a humane method of pigeon pest control.

Pigeon Decoys

Scarecrows and other decoys have been used for many years in the fight against problem birds. The reason is because they are so effective. Owl statues and copies of large predators are very useful for scaring away pigeons. If birds think a predator is present on your property, they will stay as far away as possible. You can even get decoys that let out noises for even more effective Essex pest control.


Pigeons create a serious health risk with their droppings. So they need to be repelled from coming onto your property. The most effective devices available today come in the form of electronic bird repellents. These use an ultrasonic sound that annoys pigeons, but can’t be picked up by the human ear. The high frequency of an ultrasonic device drives pigeons away from your property, scaring them so they won’t come back. Most of these devices are triggered by motion sensors. Not only is this way of repelling pigeons effective, it is also very humane.


Another humane way to scare pigeons away is to use light. Reflective tape is effective in pigeon management when used along with other methods. You can place these reflectors wherever you want. Any reflective materials from tape to mirrors will work to scare pigeons away. Many efforts towards pest control in Essex have been enhanced by adding this technique.

Water Jets

There’s nothing better than sprinkling pigeons with water to get them to go away. Water jets spray out a forceful beam of water that will scare nuisance birds away in an instant. These jets can be motion triggered. However, if you own pets that spend time outdoors, it probably isn’t one of the best bird control solutions for you.

Bird Gel

This special gel has a repulsive scent to it that causes pigeons to fly off without even landing. But if they do land, they won’t be big fans of the stickiness of the gel either. The one thing you do need to remember with gel repellents, is that they have to be replaced frequently. This is because rain will wash it away.

Water and food sources are what your garden can readily provide pigeons. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to prevent water build-ups in a wet county like Essex. However, you can limit food sources by properly storing and disposing of waste. You need to ensure all food debris is being cleared away and that waste is being disposed of properly.

Being persistent with your pigeon control is crucial. You need to let those pigeons know it’s time to leave and never come back. Perseverance means that, in the long run, you won’t have to deal with pigeons at all.

Posted in Homeowners on Oct 31, 2019