The Rewards of Installing a Whole Home Water Filter

The utilization of whole house water filters around the house will help guarantee cleaner water in the shower and good quality water for cooking; the guarantee of safer household water from all the taps. The filtration system should cater to all your household's water filtration needs all handles by one efficient system that manages your water filtrating it as it enters your home before it reaches every tap. It is why they are professionally referred to as POE (Point-Of-Entry) water filters. The filtration systems offer numerous benefits that encompass convenience and cost-efficiency.

By glancing at the finer details of the filters, you will be able to understand the pros of using a whole house filtration system.

Filtered Water From Every Water Outlet

As the name suggests, the whole house water filter guarantees that you will have good quality, filtered water at every water outlet be it the shower, face sinks, or kitchen tap. It takes away the need to install a filter for each water outlet allowing you to be worry-free about water safety issues. It means that your household will have contaminate-free water throughout the day, 24/7.


Without a whole house filter system, you home will need a filter for every tap in the house; one for the showerhead, the kitchen tap, and any other water outlet. As such, the overall cost of ensuring you have contaminant-free water will be significantly higher in comparison to having a POE filtration system Installed. Having the POE filter installed will not only cut the costs but also save you from having to keep replacing the different filters are varied intervals. The whole house water filter system allows you to only worry about the functions of a single system that is conveniently economical.

Multi-Stage Filtration System

The POE filter systems work based on a multi-stage filtration process that produces pristine clean quality water. The water passes through various filter cartridges that clean and free it of contaminants. Be it lime-scale deposits that are caused by hard water or just the desire to have less or no chlorine in your water; the filtration system can handle it all. The functions may seem complicated, but they utilize high-quality filters that ensure clean water is what comes from every tap, which is not what their under the sink or countertop counterparts can offer.

Our Recommendations

Visit to find an array of whole house filters such as the Ecopure Small Whole House Filter System designed for the smaller households. Also, you can find the Ecopure PRO-II Whole House Water Filter System that is designed for the large homesteads with a bigger water output demand; it has three filters that deal with the extraction of a range of water contaminants.

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