Renting Your Garden? Prepare Your Space Properly

Gardening and growing food outdoors is at an all-time high, with 35% of people growing produce in their gardens. Interestingly, this figure has risen by 17% since 2012. If you are renting your garden to someone that is going to use the space to grow fruit and vegetables, preparing the area can be really helpful. Your garden can, and should be a practical space that is smart and functional. Here’s what you can do to achieve that.

Cut back shrubs and bushes

Cutting back your shrubs and bushes will generally only have to be done once or twice a year. It ensures that they look neat and tidy, and are also not encroaching on valuable space that can be used to grow other plants. Using a mini, lightweight chainsaw is a really quick way of getting the job done, and will give the bushes a nice clean shape. Electric chainsaws don’t let petrol fumes into the atmosphere, and can be powered with a Lithium-Ion battery. You don’t need to be a chainsaw expert to use one, you just need to make sure you abide by the safety rules.

Mow the lawn

If your garden has grass, make sure that you mow the lawn. If the grass is left to get too long, it will become too difficult to cut it with a general household mower. Grass doesn’t grow very much in cold winter months, so will probably not need much maintenance. Plus if the ground is too wet, or soft then you may actually damage your mower. The best time to mow your grass in Spring is usually around March time. You will probably find that it needs cutting once or twice a fortnight then, through until late Fall.

Allocate shed space

Gardeners need tools to prepare the ground and get planting. If you have a shed that isn’t being used, or a little storage space, clear this in advance of renting your garden. This can then be used to keep potentially dangerous items such as shears and heavy spades out of the way, and out of the rain. It also means that the person that is renting, won’t have to transport heavy equipment every time they come to grow in your garden.

Some simple preparation in your garden will make the space functional, and a practical place to grow fruits and vegetables. You will be able to rent out your garden easily, and your new gardener will be able to get growing straight away.

Posted in Gardening on Apr 13, 2018


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