Plan A Premium Garden With These Top Tips

One person’s perfect premium garden will look different to someone else's. People use and value their garden’s differently meaning advice can be hard to give. However, if you’re struggling in terms of your garden and what you want to do with it, the internet is full of inspiration and great ideas which can help you out. Creating that premium feel can be expensive if you don’t do all of the work yourself. Here are some ideas you can run with to help improve your garden.

Create A Gated Garden

If you love your garden and want some privacy and security, you can consider a gate over your driveway, which connects to a similar looking fence. You can get these in all kinds of styles and materials to fit in with the general aesthetic of the garden. It doesn’t have to be a pain either, as you won’t necessarily need to manually get out and open/shut the gate if you invest in a gate entry system for proper access control. Your home will be given a first line of defence for anything untoward and you’ll immediately have some semblance of privacy. You’ll want to ensure you have the space for it, and make sure you’re not encroaching at either end of the property too, but if it’s possible it’s worth consideration.

Forget Lawn Care Worries

If you’re getting tired of having to cut the grass, or paying someone to cut the grass, you can invest in artificial lawn technology. It’s much better than it used to be with some lawns looking much like the real thing. It can be pretty expensive, but at the same time you’ll never have to cut the grass again so to some, it’s totally worth it. Just don’t go for an entry level lawn, because it’ll look cheap and plastic. 

Got The Space? Consider An Out Building

With so many more people working from home, space can be at a premium, especially when there’s a large family. You can cut down on the space problems by building a smaller outhouse which you can use as an office, a place to relax, or even somewhere for the kids. Remember, if it’s somewhere used for occupation, and not just storage you need to make sure it’s insulated and fit for spending long periods of time in. There are some great spray foam insulation contractors out there who can do the job for you, you just have to make sure you find one locally. You’ll likely save money by managing the building of the outbuilding yourself instead of hiring a firm to do the whole thing but it depends on how much spare time you have. 

Posted in Gardening on Nov 12, 2021