Nourish the Planet – On A Mission For Sustainable Food

Nourish the Planet is an organization that helps to promote sustainable living. Focusing particularly on food production, Nourish the Planet use low-technological, innovative sustainable methods to help produce all types of food. Their mission is to produce food that is good for the environment both economically and nutritionally.

What They Do

The team at Nourish the Planet are always developing new innovative techniques for sustainable agriculture. As well as developing ideas at they’re two campuses, they are trying to promote the use of sustainable methods for everyone else to use at home. Through teaching, the team can help promote the methods they use on their farms in local communities. Their campuses have all plenty of greenhouse, warehouse and ranch space to help develop and test out the sustainable tools.

Who Are Nourish the Planet?

Based in Denver and in close proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Nourish the Planet is much more than an agriculture business. The company is full of inspiring scientists, engineers and business leaders who have a variety of skills but all have a passion for agriculture and sustainability. It is through the passion of the staff that Nourish the Planet succeed. Their passion helps to make the planet a better place by empowering, inspiring and enabling others to do the same.

Nourish the Planet is a low-profit company which is dedicated to enable, inspire and support aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and new learners who have existing businesses relating to sustainability or are keen to learn more about the science behind the agriculture. The company has plenty of learning opportunities for people to get involved with sustainable agriculture. Their education program is launching soon which offers a range of classes designed for students to learn more about sustainable agriculture and the techniques and promotion needed.


Sustainability is very important. If people were to make small changes in their life, it could help save and nourish the planet. From the chose of materials, turning off switches to conserve energy or sourcing fruit and vegetable sustainably, it all helps. These are all simple ways to help save the planet and are exactly what Nourish the Planet strives to promote. They are on a mission to help improve the suit stability of the planet with a particular focus on food.

An eco-friendly garden will produce better and healthier vegetables as well as helping the planet and reduce your own environmental footprint. By using techniques from Nourish the Planet you can help create a sustainable garden that will help the plant and create a healthy place for the local wildlife. Nourish the Planet have plenty of tips and tricks to help improve your gardening, grow sustainable vegetables and reduce your carbon footprint.

Growing your own vegetables and knowing where your food has come from is much better for the environment and is just one of the ways that people can improve the breaking ecosystem and create a sustainable planet. Make changes today and be proud of your own carbon footprint and enjoy your sustainable home-grown vegetables.

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