Need Financing for Garden Improvements?

Alan is a gentleman in his early fifties and was in need of a guarantor loan to make improvements to his garden. The improvements to his garden were important to ensure he remained independent after experiencing a hip operation. Having worked on a farm for the majority of his life and following his working life with management of a successful garden, Alan was always considered a fit and highly active individual. Sadly, despite his good general health, Alan has found himself having to undergo hip surgery to replace a hip joint. The operation was conducted several months ago and was successful allowing Alan to return home to convalescence.

As the good weather of spring began, Alan was eager to head outside and sit in his garden; however, due to the step leading down to the path he was not able to head out. Based on this, Alan was required to leave the property via the front door, walk around the side of the building and pass to the back path where there are no steps. The situation is not ideal or sustainable, but is a necessary alternative given Alan's current health status. Alan understands that he needs to take action if he wishes to make his prized garden accessible while he is recovering from his surgery.

From a financial perspective, Alan received a good wage and owned his home having paid off the property's mortgage over ten years ago. Unfortunately, he did not have the correct amount saved to allow for the suitable modifications to be made to his garden. Alan has not owned a credit card and following a chat with the bank he discovered that he was in an awkward situation of being financially stable, however did not have any credit rating to work with.

Both of Alan's children are employed in good jobs and have offered to find the money required to make changes to Alan's garden; however, Alan has refused their offer. It seems that Alan would rather they spend their hard-earned money on their needs and his grandchildren instead.

Sandy, Alan's daughter, worked with a friend who had obtained a loan from George Banco approximately two years ago and she recommended that Alan review this alternative. Sandy gathered several quotes for the work to be done to the garden and returned online to submit an application for the required funding.

Regarding a guarantor loan from Money Expert, Sandy was immediately on board to act as a guarantor for her father's loan and would be able to afford repayments should Alan have problems with the loan repayment schedule.

Following the affordability checks and the clarification of the guarantor role being confirmed with Sandy, George Banco were able to transfer a loan to Sandy's account ready to be used by Alan. Since then, Alan has used the funds to landscape the garden to meet his current and future needs. He has modified the pathways putting gentle slopes and non-slip surfaces in place, as well as a flat patio area. These modifications have allowed Alan to sit and enjoy the garden space with a peace of mind that he will not be placing himself at risk of further injury.

Alan is maintaining his repayment schedule and is currently producing award-winning plants for the local fruit and vegetable grower's competition.

Posted in Gardening on Nov 28, 2017