The many uses of a portable generator around the home and garden

As cities grow and suburbs expand - and the incidence of natural disasters such as wildfires increases in part due to that urbanization, and the effects of global warming on temperatures around the world become even more pronounced, the strain on electricity supply is being felt by homeowners across the nation. This is almost inevitable - and the problem seems to be worsening. More and more cooling systems are going online, more and more houses are being built and each and every household is seeing a proliferation of electronic devices that are becoming such an important part of our modern lives. The result is a failure in the supply of electricity as plants and infrastructure struggle to cope with the ever-increasing demand.

For this reason, many homeowners are turning towards reliable portable generators to provide electricity when the mains supply is interrupted. Portable generators can provide a better quality of life for those in the household and are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment.

Firstly there is the issue of perishable goods. Part and parcel of our modern lifestyle is access to frozen foods and perishables that require refrigeration. The average refrigerator will keep foods cold (or frozen) for only a limited amount of time. Usually, after 24 hours even those refrigerators with cutting edge seals will begin to lose their effectiveness - and this can rapidly lead to spoilage. Given the fact that those perishables represent a significant expenditure in terms of the household budget keeping them safe to eat is a priority for the household. A portable generator can supply enough power to ensure that refrigeration equipment in the home continues to function properly in the absence of mains electricity supply.

Even if those perishables are kept safe there is the fact that we rely on electricity to provide healthy and comforting meals - and at no time is that more important than when a crisis strikes. The inability to cook a meal due to the lack of electricity disrupts an entire household - and encourages a feeling of insecurity. A hot meal can assume even more importance when the household is faced with a blackout.

Then there is the simple matter of lighting. We rely on vision in order to function. Without electricity, we can soon find ourselves literally in the dark - and then even the simplest of tasks can become challenging. Not only do those mundane tasks become infinitely more complex - but the absence of light can also be dangerous. Simply navigating a darkened room can present obstacles that have the possibility of causing injuries through falling.

It is a fact of life that many of our modern conveniences rely on a steady supply of mains electricity to continue to function over extended periods of time. Our mobile phones no matter how advanced will require charging, our televisions and the myriad of other screens and computers of all types all require electricity. We rely on these devices not only for entertainment - but increasingly as a vital part of a communication network. Being without electricity can have serious consequences when we are not able to contact loved ones - or call for help should we need it. Of course, this ignores the fact that distracting the younger members of the family during a blackout (a scary time) can mean the difference between panic and reassurance that life is continuing as normal and everything is under control. The flickering of a television set and the comforting presence of a reassuring character on that screen can make a world of difference to the younger members of the family.

In the heat of a blistering summer, a lack of electricity can mean severe discomfort. Having the AC on in even a single room can mean that the family is able to ride out the event in a modicum of comfort. Given that emotions are usually running high, keeping a literally cool head can make all the difference to the experience.

And, it is not only for keeping all your household appliances going that a portable generator can make all the difference to the lives of those who call the house home. Portable generators also have a myriad of uses in your garden and outdoor spaces.

Of course, the simple issue of light comes to the fore again. Navigating a darkened garden to ensure that a security system is operating or that the pool filter continues to work is no laughing matter in the dark Those same pieces of equipment are essential. A pool filter that shuts down for an extended period of time means that the likelihood of algal growth increases dramatically - and a home security system and lighting that are both non-functional can endanger not only the safety of the occupants of the home - but also put their assets at risk.

Make sure that you have the peace of mind of knowing that in the event of a blackout you have a backup plan in the form of a portable generator. make sure that the generator you purchase is able to supply all the needs of your home. Be prepared, a power outage is almost inevitable at some point in the future.

Posted in Homeowners on Nov 13, 2020


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