Make your Garden Kid Friendly with an Inflatable Swimming Pool with Slide

Your lawn and garden should be an area that your entire family enjoys. You can make your garden kid friendly by adding an inflatable swimming pool with slide.

An inflatable swimming pool with a slide does not have to stay erect all year so it will not be likely to damage your grass in your garden. Most of these items can be easily setup in just a few minutes, and you can take them down after use. Your lawn will actually benefit from the extra water it will receive.

Buying the Right Inflatable Pool for Your Family

In order to get an inflatable pool for your kids to enjoy there are a few things you must consider.

  • The age and height of your children (you do not want a pool to be too deep, or too small)
  • The size of the area you wish to place the pool in (once again you are making sure that the pool will not be too big or too small)
  • The amount of water it will take to fill the pool (this will help you to determine how often you wish to fill the pool)
  • Any added accessories that are required (some pools require a level pad of sand to be installed prior to pool installation, and some pools require you to remove the grass from the pool area prior to installation)
  • Children will have more fun in a pool that has a slide because the slide gives them an activity to do. (pools with slides can have less water in them than pools without slides, and the children will still have more fun because they like to be active)

Inflatable Pools with Removable Slides

There are inflatable slides that can be set up with inflatable pools. By using these types of inflatable slides with your inflatable pool you get to provide the children with a larger pool area. The inflatable slides will have age suggestions on the package.

The age suggestions are designed to let you determine if your child will get full enjoyment out of the product. Ultimately you will have to decide which item is best for your child based on the child’s height, weight, and climbing abilities.

Choosing the Right Inflatable Pool by Size

When you are selecting the inflatable things like a pool or hot tub for your family, think about the height of the smallest child that will be using the pool. You want a pool that your smallest child can sit down in without the water being over their natural waist line. (You can put less water in the pool. You do not have to fill the pool with water.)

Remember to consider how many children will be in the pool on an average day. If you have more than 2 children you will want a pool that can handle the added numbers.


Never allow children to play in a pool unattended.

Posted in Homeowners on Aug 10, 2019