Lawn maintenance tips for seniors that requires little work

Gardening is tiresome, it requires countless of hours that is spend outside slouching as you remove the weeds and rake the fallen leaves and whatnot. You also have to be ready to get mucky and dirty, but the end result can be very rewarding.

This is the reason why most people take pride in having a gorgeous garden in their homes some opt to read home and garden DIY tips to get more ideas. As we get older, the usual things that we do when we garden get more and more difficult to do, it can now cause pain and discomfort especially when it comes to the tasks that we were once able to do with ease.

Senior citizens have to endure joint problems and knee problems, thus making gardening difficult for them to enjoy as much. But this does not mean that they can’t enjoy it at all and that they will need to abandon their garden and just let it be overgrown and wild.

What the seniors need to do is to adapt what they can that will match with their ability so that they can still enjoy gardening.

With these being said, here are some of the lawn and yard maintenance tips for seniors:

1.) Flower choices are important

One lawn maintenance tips for seniors is by choosing the flowers that are the easiest to maintain. Flowers are what make a garden beautiful, that is why people are very picky when it comes to the flowers that they want to use for their garden, as that is also the source of their pride. The more flowers that you plant in your garden, the better. But having loads of flowers in your garden often means that it will require you to have lots of maintenance which can be very tiresome and backbreaking. The solution for this is planting perennial flowers. These are kinds of flowers that grow back instantly every year and they do not need any replanting. Some of these perennial flowers are Peruvian Lily, Myosotis Sylvatica, Echinacea, Eryngium Amethystinum and Lavender.

2.) Use artificial grass

Lawn Chair by Ocean

Another lawn maintenance tips for seniors is using an artificial grass. Cutting the grass in your garden is a difficult and time-consuming task, and this is true no matter what your age or your ability is. Pushing a lawn mower is very hard enough to do plus you also have to trim the edges. One solution in mowing your lawn every week is by using artificial grass. Artificial lawns are designed to look and feel like the real thing and they are also made in order for it to be easier for people to maintain their lawn, it is like the real grass but without any of the hassle. These artificial grasses are a great way to save energy, time and money as well as the fact that you do not need to water it. All that you will need to do is to clean it occasionally and you are good to go. There are products like the Forever Green Lawns that have huge range of artificial grass that are perfect for lawns and they are also perfect for pets. These artificial lawns can save you the hassle of hauling out the lawnmower and it can also free up some room in your shed.

3.) Use newer tools

Gloves and Pruning Shears

Gardening tools like rakes can be dates back ages ago and the design of this gardening tool has not even deviated much. These kinds of tools that are used for gardening and for your lawn is not made to be easy as they were designed to be practical. The rakes and the shovels are heavy, and they are cumbersome for many of the people, especially the seniors. Because of this issue, many of the companies have made and designed gardening tools to make them easier and faster to use. The newer lawn and gardening tools are worth the investment, especially for the seniors.

4.) You can ask for help

Hands and Feet on Lawn

Gardening and lawn mowing can be difficult and tiresome, especially of you are a senior. There are jobs and tasks that are just not as easy as they used to be, no matter how fancy your materials and tools are. In cases like these, the seniors should never hesitate to ask help from their family members, their friends, their neighbors and other people to give them a hand once in a while. They can also call a local gardener to help them maintain their garden and their lawn. They can also hire some outside help to do the maintenance for them, and they can just do the easiest of task such as cutting leaves or trimming the edges. The seniors can still monitor the garden and the lawn from the side while someone else take care of it. Gardening can be more and more difficult over time, especially once old age hits and there are illnesses that are inevitable, so it is always an option to ask for help.

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