Knowing the uses of flushed universal doors

Access doors have many variants with features and benefits that cater to your needs. One of these many variants is the flushed universal door that provides numerous functions to almost every market in accessibility, protection, and storage.  

Flushed universal doors like the BA-AHD-60 Flushed Universal Door is a handy and innovative product that combines aesthetics and functionalities that cover many aspects your and your contractor need.   

The uses of the flushed universal door 

The term “universal” in this access door means that it is a product that has many uses you can utilize for your commercial building or home. Here’s list of the uses of the innovative flushed universal door: 

Use #1: A way for accessing the important components of your commercial building 

The flushed universal door provides access to your commercial building’s essential components, such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, to perform necessary repairs and maintenance. This use is one of its primary uses.  

Repairs and maintenance on these three components are crucial to a commercial building as the same components help maintain the function of your commercial building. Here’s a list of common problems when the building’s essential elements become neglected:  

  • Plumbing: Clogged drains and toilets, leaking faucets and pipes, and water pressure issues.  
  • Electrical: Tangled cords and wires, electrical hazards, dead outlets, and short circuits on plugged electrical devices.  
  • HVAC: Produces horrible air quality that can trigger allergic reactions in the building occupants, surrounding strange odors, and decreased overall HVAC efficiency. 
Use #2: Another place for storage 

The other side of this flushed universal door is spacious and insulated enough to become storage for the building's essential components to keep them in place, preventing their components from standing out in the interior design of your structure.  

Using this universal door as storage is an intelligent move regarding cleanliness and safety. Hanging and dangling cords, Water dripping to the building walls and floors, and Dirty HVAC systems full of dirt and debris are just accidents waiting to happen.  

It is a good thing that products like the flushed universal door can prevent these accidents by storing these components properly in appropriate places. 

Use #3: Provides security and protection  

As mentioned above, you must take care of your building’s essential components to keep the same building functioning. Protecting these components is one of the uses of the flushed universal door, as this type of door comprises quality materials and a locking mechanism that keeps these components safe from unwanted tampering and malfunctioning.   

This door’s camouflage-like flushed features protect the components from unauthorized access by unauthorized people. Experience continuous protection while keeping the aesthetics. Other models of the flushed universal door protect against natural elements such as rainwater or fire. These are fire-rated models and weather-resistant models.   

The fire-rated model provides fire protection by compartmentalizing the fire and smoke made by the office fire in a period, depending on the fire-rating it possesses, that ranges from thirty minutes to a whole 3 hours. This compartmentalizing feature of this product allows the firefighters ample time to travel and prepare to extinguish the raging fire in your office. 

The weather-resistant model protects the particular components of your commercial building by not letting any liquid, such as rainwater, pass through the door with its gasketed and watertight features. Preventing water from passing through is essential in outdoor applications, as water can jeopardize your electrical components.   

If you want to upgrade its security function to another level, there are models of these universal doors that focus on security, namely “security access panels.” This type of universal door has only one goal: to protect anything behind it on a higher level. This model focuses on security because its locking components consist of heavy-duty locks such as deadbolt locks, which is a unique feature. 

Final Thoughts 

The term “universal” in this access door meant having many uses for only one product. What was mentioned above is uses of this innovative access door that covers all the aspects you and your contractor need, which are accessibility, protection, and storage. 


Posted in Homeowners on Jun 22, 2023