Humane And Eco-Friendly Pest Control Tactics For Your Backyard

One of the most frustrating parts of having a yard or garden is dealing with the pests that it attracts. However, that doesn’t mean you automatically have to resort to chemical sprays or traps. By using deterrents instead you can usually get the job done in a much more humane and eco-friendly way.

Fencing Works

Fencing is one of the best ways to keep pests out of your property as it functions as a barrier. However it can be expensive particularly when you have a large outdoor space. And depending on the specific pest you are dealing with you may need to fence-in your entire yard.

Although with some pests you may be able to get away with only installing fencing around the portion of your yard they are likely to target such as your garden or specific trees or plants for example. The height of the fence along with whether or not it will need to be installed partially underground as well will be influenced by the species of animal you are trying to keep out.

Predator Decoys

Virtually all garden pests are wary of animals which are higher up on the food chain than they are. This fear of predators can therefore be used against them by using a predator decoy in your outdoor space. Fake coyotes, hawks, and owls are common choices and can make a big difference in how many pests dare to enter your yard since they won’t want to be eaten.

When it comes to keeping critters out of your swimming pool or pond, alligator decoys are often used. Because a gator decoy moves with the current of the water or wind it makes it look like it’s actually swimming which can be very convincing to animals such as ducks, herons, and raccoons.

The fear of these giant reptiles is so deep that statues can even be used successfully sometimes as deterrents as well. But remember an alligator statue should be both real-looking and also lightweight so it can be moved from time to time so pests don’t realize it’s actually not alive.

Pest-Repelling Plants

One of the most overlooked cruelty-free yard and garden pest control tactics is simply adding plants. Not just any plants of course but those which are known to repel the specific pests you’d like to keep out. For example by adding some coriander you can help to rid your garden of pesky spider mites. Lavender on the other hand will repel mosquitoes. And planting crown imperial will help to make sure rabbits don’t get your shoots and vegetables.

Water As A Weapon

Motion detector sprinklers can be a big help especially for pests that seem be resistant to other methods. Like their name suggests when these sprinklers detect the motion of a pest in your yard they release a spray of water. And while the water is harmless it can work to startle pests instantly triggering a fear response. This normally causes them to head for the hills, or at least the next yard over.

By using one or even a combination of these tactics to deter pests you can often stop the damage caused by pests from ever taking place. And best of all, when using them you won’t have to worry about causing those critters or the environment any harm.

Posted in Homeowners on Mar 22, 2019


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