How to Turn Brown Grass Green Fast

As a stranger gets in your garden for the first time, then the very first thing they do notice is looking at your grass texture of the garden. Brown grass in a large space of garden will definitely be giving an unimpressive sort of the look. Making the grass look to be green in the appearance will make it turn out to be healthy and beautiful looking as well.  

Weeds have always remained the main problem of the garden grass that destroys the whole of its beauty. So it is important to keep your grass stay healthy and green to make your house look lively and fresh. According to The Review Insider, below we will enlist down with some of the important and main tips about how you can turn brown grass into green grass fast!

Step 1: First of all it is important that you should completely be removed from the dead growth, sticks and also the leaves with a metal thatch rake.

Step 2: In the next step you will make the use of the hand-cast grass seed as all throughout the lawn. This would be adding on to the areas that are already green to make it turn out as the thick and lush turf. You can even cover the seed with sheets to prevent birds from eating it.

Step 3: In the next step of the method, you have to water the grass seed just as according to the directions on the seed package. You do not have to fertilize the yard until and unless the seed has sprouted. It is to be mentioned that the fertilizer can prevent sprouting.

Step 4: Now it’s time when you should be applying with the fertilizer that has a combination of slow-release and fast-release nitrogen. Nitrogen will be helpful in order to make your grass go as green.

Fast-release nitrogen will turn your grass into the green texture even much faster. Slow release of the nitrogen will be helpful in respect with the deep root growth of the grass. An ideal nitrogen ratio is about 50 to 70 percent soluble.

Step 5: You will start watering the lawn at the course of every one week in the morning time. This has to be around 1 inch of water. This amount will seep all the way through the soil 6 to 8 inches deep to feed the roots.

Step 6: You will be setting the lawn in the course of the mower blade so that you can easily cut the grass to around 2 inches high. You do not need to bag the clippings. You can think about to decompose and then feed the lawn.

Step 7: In the last step, we would like to add up the pro-tip that you need to fertilize the grass every 8 to 10 weeks.

So if you want to make your garden grass turned as green from brown where your kids can play and you can put your dog bed, then without wasting any single second start following with these effective grass gardening tips right now!

Posted in Homeowners on Apr 29, 2018


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