How to Transform a Small Backyard Into a Beautiful Garden

Small gardens do not mean small pleasures. In fact, small gardens can be cosy and create a space for relaxation and reflection. Here are some tips by landscaper Nick Lancaster from Groby Landscapes, a professional landscaping team based in Leicester, UK.

1. Lawns vs. Patios and Garden Paths 

One of the first tasks to create a garden would be for you to decide where, or whether, to have a lawn or a patio. Greens are hard to maintain in an area full of sunshine. This could be just an ideal patch to build small decking. You can add a pergola or pagoda, or just bring an outside table with an umbrella. To save on space, place your patio furniture along a perimeter. Stylish benches or tables with compartments will give you ample storage sacrificing extra garden space. 

2. Flower Beds and Containers 

Flowers, plants, herbs, and shrubs fill any garden with colours and bring them to life. It’s important to consider all seasons when choosing what to plant. Interspacing flowers and plants that bloom during different months will ensure your garden’s vitality all year long. 

  • Convert an old wooden ladder into a stand for herbs and flowers;

  • Attach pots to a pallet;

  • Build a vertical planter or a garden trellis;

  • Paint old tires and transform them into charming planters;

  • Re-purpose old furniture; or

  • Build raised garden beds for herbs or wild strawberries.

Any garden, small or large, should be a retreat where you can leave all your cares behind for a few moments. So go ahead and transform your small backyard into an exhilarating oasis of vibrant colours and fragrances. 

Posted in Gardening on Dec 16, 2018


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