How to stop birds at a construction site

Birds are a real nuisance to builders across the USA on construction sites. If you're building a new home or operate a large building site, you're probably aware of birds using your site to roost and the structural damage they can cause. Furthermore, if you have a workforce of builders, you'll want to maximize the days they work. Bird droppings carry significant health problems with them and can potentially make your staff stay home through illness. Our article will give you a few tips to keep them away from your site and prevent them from causing any future structural damage.

Signs birds are at your construction site

It may seem like an obvious one, but you'll see them flying around. Birds love to use construction sites as they are ideal nesting grounds. The covered facilities allow them safe harbourage from predators. It would be best if you looked out at the end of the day for birds gathering around your site, as once your workers leave, they will be in to start using the area for nesting purposes. 

Another common sign that's been reported to us is that birds cause an abundance of material damage. They strip wood, packaging, wire, pallets and insulation so they can use them to build a nest. So, we recommend you check your equipment and material for any damage that birds have caused. For more information on birds and how to spot them, has a range of information on their site.

How to stop birds at a construction site?

Now you know how to spot birds at a construction site; you'll need to be able to stop them if you do have a problem. Firstly, we must point out that you should make yourself familiar with bird laws, as some birds are protected and will have limited options available to control them at your construction site. However, if you have birds at your site that can be controlled, please use one of our following tips:

  • Bird netting. Installing bird netting at your construction site is the most effective method to prevent gaining access. It protects your staff from swooping birds and prevents them from gaining access to the site as they won't get past the netting. Unfortunately, bird netting is not always viable simply due to the cost of installation. Furthermore, depending on the choice of bird netting, staff will have to be trained to be able to put the net up and down when required.
  • Remove food sources. Birds may be using your site as food sources are abundant from trees and hedgerows. We recommend removing these food sources as if they can't eat; they are likely to move onto another location. This also means you should strip greenfield sites during the winter to remove all possible nesting sites.
  • Bird scarers. Other alternative methods include bird scarers such as scarecrows and bangers. These scare birds as they come within a certain vicinity. Although extremely effective, bangers are not applicable if your construction site is within a housing area or near where other people may live.

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