How to Make Your Spring Lawn Greener

A greener lawn can make our house and garden look appealing, but it always takes a lot of effort to get a greener lawn. Fortunately, there are easier ways that every homeowner and gardener can employ to have the best and greenest lawn on the neighborhood without putting too much works.

Test the Soil

Just like any plants, lawn needs nutrients to grow and glow, but regularly giving fertilizer may not come handy. A soil test will surely give you a list of nutrients that your area needs and that will also give you information on the right fertilizer to use. That means you will save money testing different types of fertilizers that may also damage your lawn.

You can always test your soil without spending too much money through National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Extension Program and they can always help you analyze the information in the test result.

Remove the Weeds

Extra effort is always needed on removing weeds from your lawn to get better results. Be sure to remove the entire weed, including the roots to make sure they won’t simply grow back. It might be time consuming pulling them one by one, but lesser weeds makes a lawn healthier and greener.

Make it a habit getting rid of the weeds as soon as they start to grow. The longer they stay and the bigger they grow, the faster they spread their seeds and the harder they are to remove. Every time you pass by your lawn, take a few minutes to remove growing weeds and it will surely save you time than removing them once a week. Some gardening tools can also help you remove the weeds easier.

Always Give them Water

Sprinkler System

Just like most plants, grass needs water to grow healthier. Although most grass adapts to its environment, consistent and light watering will lead to shallow roots and water that can go deep into the ground will lead to deep roots.

The right amount of water to give varies depending on the place and climate so make sure to check with local gardening groups in your area to find out the right amount of water your lawn needs.

This is a guest post by Michael from ThinkCrucial, a home improvement brand that helps people save money and make their life easier.

Posted in Homeowners on Apr 14, 2017


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