How To Make Your Patio Look New Again!

If your patio is covered with dirt, debris, or other materials, a pressure washer can help. The patio material really doesn't matter; this product works well on wood, concrete, pavers and brick. You do not need to put additives in the pressure washer, although for tough stains, you can try including a detergent in the solution. It's also not a problem if you don't have your own pressure washer; simply visit a specialty store or home and garden shop and inquire about renting one. If you are purchasing one, a Karcher pressure washer is held in high esteem. However, before you bring it back to your home, make sure you can operate it easily. If not, you risk hurting yourself during the cleaning process.

Before you wash off the patio, make sure it is clear of any furniture or other items. This includes any decor, like plants, pots, umbrellas and more. It is also a good idea to put out cat litter, which absorbs any liquid that is on the patio, like grease or oil. Once the liquid has been absorbed, you can get rid of the cat litter by either vacuuming it up or sweeping it.

First, decide if you think it is necessary to add detergent to the pressure washer. Taking this step is particularly useful if there are a lot of stains on the patio. The detergent you select should be right for the type of pressure washer you have; note whether it is a hot water or cold water machine. Also, look over the pressure washer to see if it has a detergent chamber; if it does, injectable detergent is appropriate. If it does not, spray bottle detergent is appropriate. Either put the detergent right on the patio or put it in the detergent chamber. Hold off about fifteen minutes, and then use the pressure washer to start cleaning off the patio. If the detergent went into the pressure washer itself, you can start right away.

You want to angle the stream of water down onto the patio. Spray from side to side, stretching the stream out as wide as you can so that you get the whole patio clean. If your space is very large, you may want to take advantage of a water broom attachment.

Pay particular attention to the areas of the patio that are dirty. Don't forget about the cracks and crevices; you want to spray directly into those spaces so that they get clean as well. A rotary turbo nozzle can help you get into the small spaces that might be otherwise difficult to reach.

There are several materials that you need for this project. Make sure you have the following on hand: cat litter, a vacuum or broom, and a pressure washer. You may also benefit from gloves, a dust mask, safety googles, and detergent for the pressure washer. Also, both the rotary turbo nozzle and water broom attachment can make the process easier.

Safety Concerns

You can get hurt using a pressure washer. Make sure you read and follow the instruction book. Do not allow anyone else to be in the area when you are using the pressure washer. Also, consider donning safety equipment to be safe.

Posted in Homeowners on Nov 30, 2017