How To Keep Your Garden Looking The Way it Should

Let’s face it; creating an impressive garden space is one thing but maintaining it is another altogether. Therefore, it’s not simply enough to simply design an attractive backyard setting. You actively need to keep it looking the way it is supposed to.

So, what steps can be taken to ensure that the right outcomes are achieved? Here’s all you need to know.

Focus On Low Maintenance Plants

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain the garden’s aesthetic is to select products that need minimal care. Opting for annuals rather than perennials can make a huge difference to your future gardening requirements. You will see the benefits year after year.

Some minor care will be needed to collect fallen leaves etc. When it comes to keeping trees and hedges in good health, an electric chainsaw is your best friend. Depending on the type of tree, you should only need to use it every few weeks or months. Regular care will allow you to avoid any overwhelming situations from overgrown plants to illnesses.

When the living parts of the garden retain their appearance, it should put you in the right mindset to take care of other matters too.

Add Other Low Maintenance Features

The right choice of plants will set a winning tone. However, you can take things to the next level by adding other items that require minimal care. Water features are often seen as potentially high-maintenance products. In reality, they virtually take care of themselves.

Other popular choices include garden buildings and decks. These areas do not feature living plants, making them easy to keep at their best.  In fact, they should take less time to clean than rooms inside the property. Better still, those items will bring a wealth of new possibilities and functions to the backyard activities. 

Another option is to choose an artificial lawn. This will allow you to automate cleaning duties with a robotic vacuum for a super simple solution.

Manage Pest Problems 

On the one hand, you may like the thought of hearing birdsong or having squirrels enter the garden. You can certainly encourage this with feeders and bird baths to truly embrace nature. On the other hand, though, you can’t allow unwanted visitors to ruin your garden.

Prevention is the best form of protection, which is why you should check for entry points under your fences. Meanwhile, cruelty-free pest control ideas should protect your garden and stop repeat problems. Crucially, you must take control of this situation before unwanted guests find their way into the property itself.

Strong-scented herbs are another great option that may repel pests. Of course, they will add to the aesthetic of the backyard for an added incentive. 

Stop Human Intruders

Animals aren’t the only intruders that you need to avoid. Preventing theft and vandalism should be high on your agenda too. And not only because it saves you from potential financial losses and emotional stress. It will also keep your garden in better health.

Intrudes often target gardens, but you can proactively stop this. The best tactics include using anti-climb paint, clearly visible cameras, and motion-detecting lights. It should stop people from attempting to enter your land. In turn, this will save your plants, lawns, and garden furniture from potential damage.

It will still be necessary to invest in the right locks for your garden building as well as the main property. Still, this extra layer of protection is highly advised.

Be Ready For All Weather

Pests and thieves are threats that you will naturally consider. In reality, though, Mother Nature usually poses a far greater threat. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are ready for all situations to protect your garden as well as the building.

The exact precautions will largely depend on the location of your home and the climate in your region. However, it’s almost always necessary to keep gutters in good health. Shutters for garden building windows, patio blinds, and other tools to protect against strong winds may also be needed.

Arguably the most overlooked issue, especially in summer, is the sun. Creating shaded areas is essential while watering plants and lawns will prevent them from drying out or dying. 

Add Storage Features

It is very difficult to stay on top of the garden aesthetic when the backyard feels unorganized. So, while having the right features to facilitate hours of fun is great, you must not ignore the storage needs. 

Garden storage may come courtesy of a shed, converted pallets, or other features. Alternatively, you could use the garage to store items used in the garden. When storing items like lawnmowers, though, you must ensure that they are protected against rust. This will be particularly important at the end of the summer season when they are stored for the winter. 

Proper storage will extend the lifespan of items and leave you free to enjoy the garden spaces daily. Even ottoman garden furniture can play a positive role.

Change Your Daily Habits

Putting the right garden features in place is only half of the battle. If you want to see true success, you’ll also have to implement winning habits. Otherwise, the backyard will soon revert to the way it looked before the summer transformation.

If you have hosted a summer BBQ, be sure to clean the grill and utensils. If you have a swimming pool, be sure to cover it at night and regularly use cleaners and chlorine. Sweeping the deck and putting blankets away is another simple step that makes a big difference. Proper plant care and wood treatments are equally crucial. 

A few minutes at the end of the day will save you from a far larger job, and stress, later on. Moreover, you’ll save a lot of time on future winter maintenance. 

The Final Word

If you fail to keep your garden looking its best, the harsh reality is that it will quickly turn into something that you don’t want it to be. Worse still, restoring it to its former glory will feel almost impossible. Thankfully, though, the advice above will allow you to stay on top of the situation. You’ve got this!

Posted in Gardening on May 27, 2024