How To Get Started As A Beginner Gardener

If you like the idea of becoming a bit more green-thumbed and getting into gardening more, now is as good a time as any - even if the weather or season isn’t quite right, you can still plan for when it is, and if it is the right time to get started, then there’s really nothing stopping you. 

However, if gardening seems a bit daunting because you’ve never done it before and you don’t know how to get started, don’t worry; just keep reading, and you’ll soon see what you need to do as a beginner gardener. 

Choose Your Plants Well

One thing you’ll need to get right as a garden is to choose the right plants for your outdoor space. When you have the right plants, they’ll be easier to grow, which means there’s less effort involved for you, which, as a beginner, is going to be useful (you can try more complicated and time-consuming plants later on, when you have more experience). 

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by trying to grow every plant you possibly can, so keep your selection small and easily manageable. You can have a combination of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs to make your garden look lovely and colorful, but if they all need the same kind of soil, shade levels, and watering techniques, you’ll have a simple garden to take care of. 

Plan The Layout 

Before you start planting any of your chosen plants, you should sketch out how you want the garden to look on a piece of paper or perhaps find an app that will allow you to do it digitally. In that way, you can think about how to space things out so everything not only looks good but also has a chance to grow healthily - remember that some plants need more room than others, and your layout can reflect that. 

You’ll also need to consider how much sunlight different areas of the garden get, and if you’ve got some overhanging trees, it can be a good idea to contact experts like Todd's Marietta Tree Services to prune them or even completely remove them to allow for more sunlight to get to your flowerbeds. 

Get The Right Tools 

Gardening is a lot of hard, physical work, and that’s why a lot of people really enjoy it - it’s a fun way to exercise with a beautiful (and sometimes tasty) end result. However, you don’t have to make the process harder than it already is, and having the right tools will help you enjoy gardening a lot more and still get lots out of it. 

You don’t need a lot to make gardening easier - or safer - and some of the items to invest in include gloves, a trowel, shears, and a watering can. You might also want a cushion to kneel on or a small stool to sit on if it’s more comfortable. 


Although there are some rules when it comes to gardening, and although it’s important to follow them because they’ll ensure your garden grows well, there’s also a lot of opportunity to experiment and try new things. 

That’s the great thing about gardening; you’ll always be learning, and you can try all kinds of ideas and see what works. 

Posted in Gardening on Oct 26, 2023