How Gardening Can Make You Feel a Lot Better

Gardening is great for your body in terms of flexibility and fitness, but it is also beneficial for improving mental health. In the previous year, King's Fund health charity reported that gardening regularly aids in our overall well being. It is an activity that aids in keeping the whole body busy and working, from lifting pots with your arms and legs, pruning using your wrists and hands, and planting and bending using your hips and knees, and more. Of course, it is important to keep up proper posture. If you can squat during your gardening, do so. This will aid you in keeping your balance, and your body strong and flexible.

Tap Into Tranquility

Your health may receive benefit simply from you stepping foot in a garden. Those who frequently garden appear to have reduced levels of the hormone known as cortisol, which has been linked to better sleep and less stress. In addition, charities that offer garden therapy often use walled gardens in order to tap into the sealed enclosure that goes hand-in-hand with a healing environment.

You can adopt something similar with your own garden space and give yourself a place for meditation as well as the cultivation of mindfulness. Consider a flower bed against a hedge or a small and cozy seat located against a wall. Imagine sitting and gazing upon a beautiful theater of flowers, full of color and design, with a protective shield of foliage behind you.

Personal Paradise

Take some time regularly to appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds you. A good idea is to plan focal points for your garden that will give you a lovely place to rest your eyes while you settle into contemplation. A few ideas include a majestic tree, a statue, water feature, or even a patch of grasses swaying in the wind. Challenge your creativity for greater wellbeing, and immerse yourself in the design of your garden space.

No matter where you are, from a stately home to your own personal paradise, use this summer to get outdoors and give not only time but care to a lush, garden space. And in turn, this will enable you to give the necessary time to yourself and will help you have a more positive mindset according to

Invest in Yourself

Another important part of wellbeing? Financial security. This has been proven to be a fundamental factor in a healthy mental state. Invest in your savings and work with your future in mind in order to realize your goals and ambitions later in your life. This can include your hobbies, such as gardening, as well as the ability to live in comfort and enjoy the garden space you have carefully crafted.

Posted in Gardening on Jan 30, 2019