How Exercise Helps the Environment

Exercising is definitely good for the body and mind, but did you know it’s also good for the environment. Your regular cycling, running or swimming sessions can have a lasting effect on the world that surrounds us. Here’s how your healthy habits can help protect the environment. 

It will encourage you to clean up

If you’re a big fan of exercising outdoors, then you know just how relaxing it is to take a nature run or go hiking in the mountains. But, what happens when you run into some garbage? It’s definitely frustrating, so you’ll be encouraged to pick it up and keep your natural gym clean and healthy. And next time you grab a disposable bottle of water to take with you on your run, you will think twice and probably choose something reusable. 

Cycling helps with air pollution

In many parts of the work, bikes are more than a way to get fit—they are a valid transportation device. So, next time you think about taking your car to the gym, leave it at home and grab your bike instead. You will warm you up nicely, produce zero pollution, boost your calorie burn and save you money on gas. And you don’t need much to enjoy a good cycling session—just your bike and some good fitness gear. Proper footwear and clothing is key to safety so search for more resources here and see what quality and durable gear you can find for your workouts. 

Fitness asks for a good diet

If you want to maintain your hard-earned figure and stay in good shape for your gym sessions and runs, you must pay attention to your diet. It’s hard to keep your six-pack when you’re constantly loading up on processed and fast foods. Instead, it will be much easier to opt for whole grains, veggies and fruits. These are full of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals yet low on calories. If you want to get the best foods, hit places like farmer’s markets and smaller local markets. Foods that come from local sources usually spark a positive cycle of healthy eating, fitness and eco-friendliness. Locally-produced foods reduce transport pollution, use fewer pesticides and boost local economies. 

You can donate to worthy causes 

Did you know that exercising can earn you money you can later donate to your favorite eco-friendly cause? You can find sponsors to finance your hikes, runs or mountain climbs and donate your collected money to your local ocean conservation program, Greenpeace or any other similar organization. 

You will inspire kids

Children are sponges that learn mainly by watching and imitating people in their environment. For instance, kids who grow up watching their parents read will grow up to be readers themselves, while kids who watch their parents exercise in nature will grow up to do the same. Seeing adults use bicycles or walking to work will cause kids to follow and not only adopt good fitness habits but also good eco-friendly habits. 

Your workouts can do wonderful things for both you and your environment. So, grab your gear, get out and start sweating it out for the planet!

Posted in Sustainability on Dec 23, 2019