How do I dog proof my garden?

Many peoples love to do gardening as well as having a dog or any pet. We know dogs are gentle. They don't harm debatably. But sometimes they can ruin your garden without even realizing it. So you need to dog-proof your garden. In this article, you will get to know about How to you dog-proof your garden.

1. Secure your garden with walls

You can secure your garden by creating some walls. If you don't want your dog to roam around the backyard of your house without you, then you can make some fences. Now you don't have to worry about your garden when your dog is not wearing any lashes.

2. Clean up any imperiled and casual Soil

Large patches of soil can encourage your dog to play. That's why you need to clean your garden all the time. Cleaning your yard will prevent them from playing in your garden. 

3. Adjusted borders and plant beds

You should make some low borders or barriers in your garden, aside from fences. It will protect the plant beds. Sometimes your dog can urinate, or maybe they crush the plants.

4. Use raised beds

Using raised beds can help you to save some space in your garden. It also helps your yard appear to clean and maintained. Raised beds can help your plants to protect your dog. Even if your dog wants, he can't destroy it. It serves as a barrier for your plants.

5. Don't grow thorny plants

Thorny plants can hurt your dog. So it is better not to plant them in your garden. These plant’s prickles can hurt or dog. And if you are a pet lover, then surely you wouldn't want to hurt your dog like this. Besides, it can also hurt you sometimes. Although they are ornamental plants. But remember, safety comes before than anything.

6. Do some decoration

You can do some design to make your garden more beautiful and also your dog will get scared of it. Like, you can get a battery operated bird bath fountain. It will make your garden look good. But your dog will surely get afraid of it. Maby after getting this, he will not come to your garden without you.

7. Cover ponds/pools when you are not using it

If your garden has a pond or pool, then you should cover it. Dogs love to play in the water and swimming in the pools. So you should cover it when you don't need it. Otherwise, it can cause a big accident. And you wouldn't even notice about it. So cover them up to keep your dog protected.

8. Make sure your dog has his own space to play

If your dog has enough space to play, he wouldn't bother you to go to the garden. You can get him extra large dog beds for Great Danes. It will help them to play by themselves without even disturbing anyone. It will help them to be inside the house. Other than this, you can provide a small place for your dog where he can play.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to make your garden dog-proof. There are also many ideas that you can follow. Making your garden dog-proof can give you the guarantee of safety for both your dog and yard. So you can follow these tips.

Posted in Homeowners on Apr 23, 2020


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