How to Create Beautiful Lawn with Minimum Effort

The desire of every homeowner is to have a blossoming lawn in their yards. In any case, excellent landscaping provides the perfect ambiance for barbeques, picnics and backyard parties.

In addition, you can confidently lay your durable playground mats on the grass without worrying about the eyesore caused by rugged, unmaintained turfs.

However, the process of growing and maintaining an elegant lawn is not a walk in the park.

You need to prepare the soil, source for the right type of grass, add fertilizer and water the garden on a regular basis to maintain its splendor.

Putting all these factors into consideration, it is easy to see why most homeowners enlist professional lawn care services.

Fortunately, you can now create a meticulous lawn without hiring the services of a professional landscaper.

Want to know how? Follow these simple steps to create the perfect yard.

Prepare the yard for planting

The process of preparing your yard for a new lawn might seem difficult at first, but in essence, it’s not.

You just need to remove the old grass, weeds, and other inanimate objects such as stones, using a simple hoe or rack or other similar gardening tools.

Additionally, grade your soil uniformly to prevent water stagnation.

Test the soil

Performing a soil test is a crucial step to creating an elegant lawn.

This analysis establishes the acidity of the soil. It also determines whether the soil consists of essential nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which are required for grass and other plants to flourish.

Interestingly, you do not need a degree in botany to perform a soil test.

You can carry out this test using home kits available in your local agricultural supply store.

Select Your Desired Type of Grass

Installing Turf

The type of grass that you ought to select depends on the pH of the soil and the climate patterns in your area.

Some grass species thrive in cool conditions while others are able to withstand harsh weather. You also have the options to choose between a ready turf and seeds.

As you might be aware, seeds might take a longer time to grow, but they are cheaper and easier to manage than sods.

Installing a ready turf requires much time and effort to ensure it blends with the rest of the environment.

Plant Your Grass

If you opt for seedlings, create parallel rows on your yard and use a lawn spreader to sow the seeds.

In contrast, installing sods will require you remove some soil from your yard for the new lawn to level up with the rest of the surrounding area.

Add Organic Fertilizer

If you want your grass to grow swiftly and in a healthy manner, consider applying organic fertilizer to the soil.

You can make your own organic matter by constructing a compost pit and adding muck such as leaves, old grass, dung, and other organic matter.

Water the New Lawn

Your lawn requires sufficient supply of water to remain healthy and meticulously neat. For this reason, make sure that you water your lawn regularly, every morning and evening.

Maintain Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance involves trimming the grass, removing weeds, treating yellow spots and watering the garden.

From the look of things, these activities do not require much effort.

All you need is a viable maintenance schedule to keep your lawn as lush as possible.

Besides maintaining your lawn, you may also opt for the best bamboo mats for chair to ensure that your outdoor furniture blends well with your thriving yard.

Take Away

A well-maintained lawn goes a long way to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

It also gives your visitors a glimpse of your personal tastes and style. Try out these steps today to create the perfect lawn for your home.

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