How To Create A Beautiful Indoor Garden and Keep It Clean

Replicating mother nature into your home can be more complicated than most people realize. If you want to design an aesthetic indoor garden, whether to grow produce or for the beauty of flowers, follow the techniques below to create a beautiful indoor garden and keeping it clean.

1. Choose a style

Generally, there are two styles of gardening: pot gardening and hydroponic.

  • Pot garden: This is a good option for those who want to rearrange or eventually move their plants outdoors. Also, you can grow any type and size of plant in pot/container gardening.
  • Hydroponic garden: This style is for those who are looking to arrange plenty of plants in a compact space. Typically, this type of indoor gardening is used for growing vegetables.
  • Choose your plants: Just like any outdoor garden, there is a wide diversity of plants you can have indoors. These include vegetables, herbs, berries, decorative greens, and flowers. Before picking out random captivating plants, you must determine first which plants will work well or flourish indoors.

2. Control the environment efficiently

One way to ensure you keep your indoor garden clean is controlling nature. This includes water frequency, air temperature, and soil condition. This may require so much work, but it substantially increases the success of your indoor garden when done properly. How you control the environment depends on your indoor garden system, although there are a few helpful tools to make it easier.

  • Drip system: Watering your plants regularly can be a challenging habit to adapt. Instead of setting daily reminders for yourself, try incorporating a drip system. It supplies a series of small tubes to each plant, and sets a time or schedule to water your plants each day.
  • Lighting system: Even though windows let in minimal amount of sunlight, you’re still responsible for providing light to your plants through artificial means. Typically, the best choice is using fluorescent light bulbs as they are cost effective and provide good results. You can also purchase a specialty heat-lamp if you cannot acquire a lighting system.
  • Soil heat mats: Most plants generally flourish in soil temperatures between 24–29 °C or 75–85 °F. Make sure that your house has adequate heat, especially during winter. You can use electric mats for heating pots and regulating the soil temperature.

3. Maintaining your indoor garden

Once you have established your garden, it is time to ensure that you keep it clean and maintain your indoor plant’s health. You must guarantee that it gets regular amounts of water and sunlight. Likewise, the soil temperature should not drop below 21 °C or 70 °F.

  • Incorporate fertilizer: To help supply your plants with nutrients, provide fertilizers or compost in containers every couple of months.
  • Remove dying plants: If any of your plants start to wilt or are clearly dying, immediately remove them to prevent diseases or pests to spread.
  • Use neem oil: To limit indoor pests and diseases, use neem oil. Better yet, you can organically grow neem trees. Neem oil contains natural chemicals that kills off fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

Remove Dying Plants


There are many things you need to create and maintain a beautiful indoor garden. Keeping in mind the steps above will help you get there. Meanwhile, when there is a need to clean up your home and the surroundings of your indoor garden, the roomba range can help clean floors perfectly.

Kyle Ritchie

Kyle Ritchie is a do-it-yourself enthusiast who writes for Best Vacuum Resource. He likes to share his passion on home improvement to his readers, and loves to play baseball with his sons in his free time.

Posted in Gardening on Apr 03, 2018