How to Choose Which Outdoor Furniture to Buy

1. Make a List

Think about how you’d like your outdoor space to function. Should it be an outdoor dining area for warm summer nights? Do you want to host your daughter’s next birthday party or a dinner party in this space? Is this going to be a peaceful and relaxing reading nook?

Make a list of the things you’d like to do in your outdoor space and us this list as a guide to decide which pieces of furniture you’ll need. If the primary function of your outdoor space is not to host casual cocktails in the evening, then there is no need for a dining room table. Instead, you can opt for comfortable seating, side tables, and a fire pit.

2. Take a Seat

Take a seat before you buy. Like interior furniture your patio furniture needs to be comfortable. This furniture may be used often so you don’t want the patio furniture to be uninviting. Some furniture that looks good may not be comfortable.

3. Go for Easy Care

Reserve the majority of your outside time for enjoying your outdoor space, not maintaining your furniture. You can do this by purchasing easy-care patio furniture. Cedar, teak, metal and all-weather wicker are unfazed by almost anything that nature throws at it. Furniture made with these materials are very forgiving and will look good for many years.

4. Consider Storage

You can add years to the life of patio furniture by using a protected storage location, such as a basement or garage, during the off-season. Even the toughest furniture, like wrought iron or teak chairs, will last longer if placed in storage when it’s not in use. If the storage space is limited, look for furniture that will fold or can be taken apart for storage.

5. Color Smart

When you purchase patio furniture, don’t limit yourself to the natural wood tones, metal pieces or wicker that colored beige, white, and black. There are many colorful finishes available for outdoor furniture. For the longevity of the color, try to reserve the bold colors for accent pieces and cushions.

6. Invest in Quality

The old adage is “you get what you pay for”. That’s true when it comes to patio furniture. Plastic resin furniture may look great on the shelf but may not look great after a year or two of sun exposure. By that time, they’ll become brittle and start to lose some of their vibrant colors. The same is true for certain wicker and wood pieces. Shop with care by checking consumer reports and customer reviews. Then you can make your big purchase.

7. Look Underfoot

The ground should be covered with an all-weather rug. There have been many advancements in textile over recent years which if why there are a number of quick-drying rugs on the market. Rich and soft textures in an outdoor rug will lend to the amount of comfort a person experiences in their outdoor space or outdoor room area.

8. Search for Dual Purpose Furniture

Look for furniture that works hard. You can use an ottoman as extra seating for a backyard party, as a simple stand-alone bench, or as a way to cozy up to a dining table. This is essential for creating a space that is frequently used.

Posted in Homeowners on Oct 19, 2016